Kizzito Ejam's 3-Week New Year Countdown Circuit Workout

The three main implements in physical training are the barbell, dumbbell, and your own bodyweight. Each of these three circuits uses one tool to help you torch fat!

It's that time of the year, folks: You've had your cake—and probably eaten it—and now it's time to torch all those extra calories you tucked away over the festive season. While December is all about packing on the mass, January is about working on that sculpted physique you've been promising yourself.

There's no better way to start than with this countdown circuit workout from elite fitness model and top personal trainer Kizzito Ejam. "This is the circuit workout I love to use at the beginning of the year to prime my body and get me back into the gym groove after indulging over the holidays," Kizzito says. "Its purpose is to rev up the metabolism, activate latent muscle groups, and prime the body to be able to achieve those fitness goals we all like to set for ourselves."

This is called a countdown circuit for a reason; the reps count down as the sets add up. You begin by completing 10 reps per exercise, followed by a brief rest period. For the second circuit, you complete 9 reps per exercise and then rest again. As the program continues, you repeat each circuit of exercises with 1 fewer rep per set until you reach your 10th circuit, where you perform just 1 rep per exercise.

The first week is all about utilizing your bodyweight, so there are no excuses about having to lift any heavy weights. The rest periods change week to week. As your rep counts decrease toward the end of each circuit, try to reduce your rest periods.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
Week 1 Bodyweight Circuit: 4-Day Split

Perform each exercise in immediate succession
Rest 30 seconds between circuits

Week 2 Dumbbell Circuit: 4-Day Split

Rest 60 seconds between circuits
Shorten rest periods as workout progresses

Barbell Leg Raise
Week 3 Barbell/EZ-Bar Circuit: 4-Day Split

Rest 120 seconds between sets Shorten rest periods as workout progresses
Rest only 30 seconds for last three circuits