Kevin DeHaven's 10-Week Transformation!

Over the past 3 years I have taken 3 'Before' pictures always intending to have an 'After' to follow up with. Well, finally I have one!

Ok, so here is how it happened. I am hoping someone can relate to this. Over the past 3 years I have taken 3 "Before" pictures always intending to have an "After" to follow up with. Well finally I have done it and one out of three isn't too bad!

Now, I know what took me 3 years to actually get my butt in shape. Well I could go on and on about having a beautiful little 2 1/2 year old daughter, Amanda, moving into a new home, working, traveling, being sick, tired, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and vacations, etc. but what's the point. The bottom line is until the end of June 2002 it just wasn't important enough to me to totally commit to it. Once I wanted to lose that fat more than I wanted Dairy Queen, I was on my way... even though this is probably temporary!

I mean I sure had a lot of motivation. I was tired of being fat and coupled that with the fact that I make a living selling products that make a huge difference in people wanting to take better care of themselves and their health. On top of that, I also guide and advise athletes at all levels on dieting, supplementation, and training; including some pro athletes, amateurs, bodybuilding contestants, fitness contestants, friends, customers, and the consumers that call in for guidance. So it was definitely time to practice what I preach so to speak. Now don't get me wrong here. I train consistently year round. I always take in lots of quality protein. It is just unless I eat completely strict and clean I don't lose fat, period. Some people have trouble putting weight on and some have to work hard to get it off. Such is the reality of life!

Here are my stats and pictures (10 week period):

Before June 26, 2002: 230 lbs. After September 9, 2002: 205 lbs.

June 26th
August 7th
September 10th

June 26th
August 7th
September 10th

June 26th
August 7th
September 10th

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As far as body fat percentage goes, who knows or cares for that matter. You have to realize that whether you are fully clothed, walking on the beach, training in the gym, or posing on a bodybuilding stage, fat percentage has nothing to do with how other's see you or how the judges see you. So we will move on.

How I Did It

Supplements: All ISS Research products, including MXPRO40, ProM3 protein powder, V/M Complete Multi-Vitamin, Complete L-Glutamine Power, Complete Creatine Effervescent Power, Complete Pro42 Bars, and the new Lipovar 8 (our new ephedrine-free weight management system).

I utilized our new prototype fat burner Lipovar 8 as well as a combination of MXPRO40 and ProM3 protein powders. The reason for this was because with 1 - 1 1/2 scoops of MXPRO40 mixed with 2 scoops of ProM3, I felt that I was able to get the absolute best protein available that would stay in my system and be bioavaiable for up to 3 hours or more. Plus the good fat in the MXPRO40 helped assist my body in using fat for fuel and energy, as well as kept me from starving to death. The fat satisfies you for much longer than a protein shake by itself.

Supplement And Meal Plan

Meal #1:

10 egg whites
1 1/2 servings of oatmeal
2 capsules V/M Complete
2 capsules Lipovar 8

Meal #2:

1 - 1 ½ scoops of MXPRO40
2 scoops of ProM3

Meal #3:

1 large Chicken Breast
1 serving Rice
1 cup of Broccoli
2 capsules Lipovar 8

Meal #4:

1 ½ scoops of MXPRO40
2 scoops of ProM3

Meal #5:

Chicken, tuna, or fish
1 medium Sweet Potato

20 minutes after Meal #5:

15 grams of Complete L-Glutamine Power
1 Complete Creatine Effervescent Power


Post Workout Shake:

3 scoops of ProM3
15 grams of Complete L-Glutamine Power

Meal #6:

Lean protein
Large salad or broccoli

Meal #7: Before bed or late night:

2 scoops of ProM3
15 grams of Complete L-Glutamine Power

Learn more about these supplements here.


I trained 4 days per week.

My routine was as follows:

Day 1: Arms & Calves, 30 minutes cardio
Day 2: Shoulders & Back, 30 minutes cardio
Day 3: Chest & Calves, 30 minutes cardio
Day 4: Quads & Hams, 30 minutes cardio

This is what I did for the first 6 weeks. The adjustment I made for the last 4 weeks were that I added an extra day of cardio (5 days now) and adjustment Meals #3 and #5. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I dropped the rice and potato out of these meals and the added them back in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This adjusted my carbs by a little over 100 grams and was enough to keep my metabolism moving!

Now It's YOUR Turn

That's it. Consistency was definitely the key, along with the help I got from using the Lipovar 8 and MXPRO40. This was by far the easiest time I have ever had dieting. I can't begin to tell you how much the MXPRO40 helped keep me from raiding Dairy Queen or Krispy Kreme. I guess it was that little bit of good fat that really made the difference. This shake was like a dessert. The Lipovar 8 truly exceeded my expectations!

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Give this plan and products a try. You won't be disappointed! Learn how I broke my plateau, click here!

Kevin DeHaven
ISS Research

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