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Kelly Ryan's Corner - July/August 2005!

Welcome to this month's edition of Kelly's Corner and boy do I have a lot of great things to discuss with all of you. Find out about pre-contest diets, Kelly's most embarrasing moment, what attacts women and more...

Welcome to this month's edition of Kelly's Corner and boy do I have a lot of great things to discuss with all of you.

For those of you that are new to the column, Kelly's Corner was created to discuss topics such as training methods, nutrition and supplementation both for both mainstream and competitive clients.

Each month I also use this column to give updates on what's happening in the fitness industry, and my travel experiences for my appearances. For example during the weekend of July 10th (my birthday) I guest posed at the Monica Brant Body Rock Classic in Virginia and had the most amazing time. I have never been to this show before but had always heard great things from anyone who had attended.

NPC promoter Steve McAdams and IFBB Fitness Olympia Champ, and Figure competitor Monica Brant put on a first class show that included a fitness expo, and a total of 4 guest posers to thrill the attendees. Not only was the show one of the largest amateur shows I have ever worked for but I was presented a birthday cake on stage and the whole auditorium sang,"Happy Birthday" to me. WOW! The whole experience blew me away and marked this year's celebration as one of the best ever in my life. Thank you to everyone at the Body Rock especially, Miss Rebecca for making the 10th a day to remember always!

Next up was the NPC USA National Bodybuilding and Figure Championships which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 300 competitors, and my dance group Vibe Tribe performing, the show's program was slam packed with entertainment and excitement.

California's own NPC Promoter Jon Lindsay knows how to get the job done when it comes to putting on a great show. Our dance group called Vibe Tribe which is made up of IFBB Pro Fitness Divas, Tanji Johnson, Nicole Rollolazo and myself, had the honor of guest posing at this year's USA National Championships.

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Tanji Johnson.

On behalf of my partners and me, we would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous support and positive reception of our hip-hop dancing, high flying tumbling and super creative fitness routine. Our performance at the USA's marked our third job this year along with our first ever performance being the Emerald Cup, and second the Contra Costa.

Talk about three high profile shows to debut our group, how blessed are we? Congratulations to the winners and new IFBB Pro's and "Way to Go!" to my closest and most cherished girlfriend Abby Eyre, who took a top five slot in the Figure Division. Abby you were on point and sheer perfection on stage. I am so proud of you!

My last announcement and news update for you avid readers is that Craig and I are opening up our first ever clothing store to launch our new clothing line called Ice Gear! We recently signed the lease papers and the store location is in the Village Square Shopping Center at the top of West Sahara Blvd and Fort Apache. With our Urban Styled workout wear, training gear and Sweat suits in the hottest styles and colors make sure you stray tuned for our grand opening!

Check out Ice Gear Clothing in the meantime being sold on our websites and!

As you can see there is always lots to tell so I will cut myself short now by saying let's get to this month's question and answer section. I extended the amount of questions this month because a lot of the questions e-mailed to me were short and could be answered with only a few lines. Hope you enjoy and see you next month-

[ Q ] I am writing to you for advice on how to get in shape for a figure competition.

My fist show is coming up quick. "First impressions are the most lasting" is a quote I use a lot and it definitely applies here, so any advice you can give would be appreciated.


    A. The best advice I can give you is this, make sure you are both mentally and physically prepared for this show. Treat this show as if it were a huge and very important business venture that you need to be ready for in order to make the best presentation possible.

    Looking at competitions like business is a great way to keep your emotions in check and motivation at an all time high.

    Nutrition is 80% of your program and here is what my own diet program looks like pre-contest. Good luck and please send pictures of yourself before and after the contest to use in my future columns.

    2 Weeks - 10 Weeks Out:

    • 2 cheat meals a week (wed and sun)
    • 5 meals a day each equaling approximately 300 calories
    • Protein intake equals 20-30 grams or 4 ounces with every meal
    • Complex Carbohydrates intake equals 20-30 grams for only first 2-3 meals of the day
    • Fibrous Carbohydrate intake equals 20-30 grams for last 2 meals of the day
    • Fat intake equals 20-30 grams a day, split between last 2 meals of the day
    • Water consumption should be at least 1 gallon every day and keep diet sodas to a minimum (1-2 a day max!)
    • Sodium intake should be consistent and never lowered or removed until last 2-3 days before the show.

    This meal plan structure stays the same throughout the entire 12 weeks. By using the mirror, the servings of cc per day may fluctuate depending on the pace of my body's conditioning.

    If I am getting lean too quickly this far out, then cardio will be decreased and three meals will include 1 serving of cc. If I am not getting lean enough to stay on track, then my cc meals will be decreased and my cardio will be increased as well.

    • Breakfast - 1 serving cc and 1 serving of protein
    • Mid-am - 1 serving of cc and 1 serving of protein
    • Lunch- 1 serving of protein and (choice 1 cc or fc)
    • Mid-pm - 1 serving of protein and 1 serving of fc and fats
    • Dinner - 1 serving of protein and 1 serving of fc and fats
    • Snack - 1 serving of protein preferably a shake.

      cc = complex carbohydrates fat = fibrous carbohydrates

    Sample Day

    • Breakfast - 1/2 c oatmeal (cinnamon and equal) and 4 egg whites scrambled with 1 tblsp ketchup
    • Mid am - 1/2 c oat bran and 1 scoop Cytodyne Cytopro whey isolate chocolate flavor
    • Lunch - 1 med sweet potato and 4 ounces of grilled chicken breast
    • Mid pm - 1 scoop protein shake- same powder as above
    • Dinner - 4 ounces of lean red meat (filet mignon) and mixed green salad with 1/4 c of chopped cashews and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

      Also, Be Sure To Keep These Tips In Mind:

    • 1-2 max Diet Cokes (12 ounce can)
    • Drink at least 1 gallon of water - Use raspberry Crystal Light if you need more flavor
    • Condiments should be kept in program the entire time and only changed the last week before contest.

      Cheat Days:

    • Choose one meal in which you wish to have a cheat meal and may include both an entree and dessert. Otherwise just follow the meal plan for the day except for that particular meal.

[ Q ] This e-mail might come as being too personal but I had a really embarrassing thing happen to me at my gym a few months ago and I still have yet to live it down from my friends. Please make me feel better by telling me about any times at the gym when something embarrassing happened to you.

If things like this happen to others then I can get my friends off my back. I understand if too personal but hope you can share.

You will be saving me,

    A. I am so sorry that you are in such a position but will make you feel a lot better to know that everyone has had at least one bad moment of utter embarrassment at least once in their lifetime.

    My most memorable moment happened in gym class when I was a freshman in high school. Keep in mind that I am the new kid at this high school in South Carolina and barely knew any of the kids at all. We were outside one day playing volleyball on the tennis courts because the weather was so nice and the gym was being cleaned.

    The game was going good when the ball bounced out of play and onto the court right next to us. I happened to be on the side of the court where it bounced out of play on and volunteered to go get it. I quickly ran after the ball and just before picking the ball up off the other court, the wire that the net hangs on clipped my legs right out from underneath me and I went flying into the air head first.

    I looked like I was trying to imitate superman flying through the air and landed on the court face down. I heard complete silence for what seemed to be a long time and as I lay there face down and lifeless, the kids began to scream are you okay? Oh my gosh I think she is dead.

    At that brief moment I thought I would be able to recover quickly and disappeared; but the entire gym class started to run in my direction to scrape me off the ground. I started laughing hysterically causing my body to shake and everyone thought I was having a seizure. I think I was laughing so hard because I couldn't believe what just happened and the feeling of complete weightlessness was overwhelming.

    Now I know what it is like to be a super hero even if it is only for a few seconds, although the landing hurt really bad. The tension in the air disappeared when they rolled me over and found me laughing so hard I was crying.

    The teacher picked me up off the tennis court and walked me back to the game. As soon as I thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing, a kid yells hey, love the hot pink underwear!)

    The whole class got a clear view under my gym shorts when I went flying through the air and as I laid face down on the ground, the wind was blowing just enough to cause this to happen. Gees, what a great way to begin my freshman year being the new kid in class.

[ Q ] Hey Kelly, my name is Tony and I am 18 years old and weigh 165 pounds standing at 5'6' tall. I am not trying to sound cocky but I am pretty built for my frame and my friends say I am good looking.

Is it true that fitness women (girls who compete like you) are only attracted to bodybuilders? I really like fit girls, not too muscular and not too thin either. Can you help shed some light on this topic and be honest, I can take it.


    A. This is such a great question and topic that I really have not gone over in this column. I am giving you my own personal opinion and comments that I have heard my competitor girlfriends say as well.

    I am married to an IFBB Pro bodybuilder named Craig Titus and I personally feel that muscle is really sexy and attractive. I also feel that he should be smart, funny, and dress well. I tried to date normal businessmen but found that it made me feel big and masculine in moments like hugging and kissing.

    It felt like I had more muscle than they did and it was too strange and awkward to continue any type of relationship or intimacy. Some women like to be bigger muscularly speaking than their boyfriend/husband, it gives them a sense of empowerment and confidence. My girlfriends that don't compete or workout at all, do not care if their man is big muscularly speaking as long as he is somewhat fit and relatively athletic.

What Attracts Women Sexually? Factors To Consider!
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    I truly believe that we as individuals tend to gravitate or become attracted to those around us that have similar interests. Any guy that enjoys going to the gym, and spends the majority of his free time working out will most likely end up dating a woman that does the same. My advice is to keep training hard because you enjoy it and the way it makes you feel physically and mentally.

[ Q ] Hi Kelly, I've been practicing my fitness routine a lot and have also started a new job that requires wearing high heels more than I am uxsed to. Now, I've got this ankle pain. It bothers me during my routine practice as well as walking around during the day at work.

Have you ever experienced this? What did or would you do?


    A. Actually, yes, and believe it or not my chiropractor, Dr. Dean Stuart here in Las Vegas helped me out a lot. He explained to me that high heels force the joints in my feet, ankles, knees, and even low back into bad positions. This misalignment can cause pain in any of those areas. He also reminded me that many chiropractors are not just "back doctors".

    Bones and joints are made to move and sometimes move out of place. Almost any joint can and needs to be adjusted especially if it's giving you pain. Dr. Stuart performed what he called an ankle distraction adjustment and I felt relief almost immediately!

    The physical demands that fitness places on my body requires that see Dr. Stuart at least once a week minimum, especially if I am pre-contest, and then my visits usually stay between 2-3 times a week, so I keep my body healthy.

    I have learned over the years just how important it is to make time for these types of appointments in order to stay on top of my game competitively speaking. Heck, the only reason why I was able to compete on a torn left calf at this past years Fitness Olympia was solely because I was treated by Dr. Stuart three times a week leading up to the day of the show.

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Craig Titus Tapes Up Kelly Ryan's Injured Calf. More.

    I went straight to his office as soon as the injury occurred and by doing so, I was able to compete exactly four weeks later with a calf that was partially torn in three places. UGH!

    Thanks for such a great question and I hope that this answer helps you keep your body healthy and injury free.

    For any further questions regarding specific chiropractic related topics, Dr. Stuart of Addition 2 Chiropractic can be contacted at his website or can be seen while visiting the Las Vegas area by calling (702) 458-2332, 2654 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite B-1 Henderson, NV. 89052.

Contest Prep 101.
Today I will be speaking briefly about those who may be trying to enter their first contest and what they need, to have a good first experience.

[ Q ] Dear Kelly, I am a big fan of your Kelly's Corner column as well as your Contest Prep 101 column in Oxygen Women's Fitness Magazine. I have made tremendous improvements to my body over the past couple of years from the information I acquired through your articles.

I have recently become pregnant and am really worried about gaining a lot of weight. I know that it is healthy to gain between 20-30 pounds when pregnant and can expect to lose almost half of that right after the delivery of the baby but, I have already gained almost 10 pounds and I am only a few weeks along.

What types of expectations should I place on myself in order to stay healthy for the baby and myself? Is there anything extra that I can do or watch out for with my habits to stay on a healthy track?

My baby's health is my biggest priority but I want to be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy shape very quickly once I have given birth.

Any advice would be appreciated.

    A. It always makes me feel so good to hear that my columns and articles have helped people get into shape or change their lifestyle to a much more healthy way of living.

    I think it is my biggest reward when I am told this and really appreciate the positive feedback. Congratulations on the pregnancy and it seems as if all of my girlfriends are pregnant these days. I always joke because I have absolutely NO experience with babies and actually held my first baby just the other day.

    I know it seems weird but I have always been an observer, not a hand on type of girlfriend with all of my friend's kids. Babies can tell or pick up on a person's comfort level so sure enough, the baby boy I was holding, woke right up out of his nap and began to cry. Maybe it was because my arms were so stiff from the fear of dropping him? LOL

    Anyway, here are some ideas to keep in mind to help keep unnecessary weight off and your mind as stress free as possible.

    First, I would suggest keeping a journal of your bodyweight and meal plan so that you can track any increase or decrease in bodyweight and pin point it to any change in your nutrition.

    The first weeks of your pregnancy will cause your body to go through its mother-to-be changes such as weight gain in the form of water retention and slight increase in body fat. This will stabilize soon after the first tri-mester. It takes at least a month or two for the body's hormones to regulate and water tables to stabilize once the fetus has begun to develop.

    Now as far as your activity level each day or week, this should be based on the amount of activity you had before you became pregnant and will keep your body in tune and help with the water retention. It can be considered too stressful for a pregnant mom to begin working out like crazy all of a sudden when she has never worked out regularly before.

    Walking or any form of low impact cardio such as riding the recumbent bike, is the type of cardio I most definitely suggest because it will not cause any added stress to the low back, hips, or knees joints.

    I have learned through my girlfriends' pregnancies that their physicians will also only suggest low impact cardio exercise because higher intensity types of workouts and cardio cause the mother's core temperature to become too high and will cause the baby to overheat.

    Your weight training program should be kept simple, with medium to light weights used during the beginning to midway point of the term, then switched to using only light weights, if any are used at all, for the last weeks before delivery.

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    Remember that it is very important to check with your physician before incorporating weight training into your program, just to be safe.

    The suggestions I have listed such as, keeping a journal of your body weight measurements, and meal plan to track any changes, performing low impact types of cardio instead of high impact/ high intensity, and last keeping the weight training simple and light weight for safety reasons.

    These suggestions will definitely help you stay in great shape and stress free during the next nine months. Enjoy this time in your life and make your pregnancy the best ever!