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Contest Prep 101 With Kelly Ryan - Part II.

Today I will be speaking briefly about those who may be trying to enter their first contest and what they need, to have a good first experience.

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The Step-By-Step Process
To Entering Your First Fitness Competition!

Hey Ladies! I hope you all have enjoyed the column so far and found it to be super helpful. My goal is to teach you all the most important parts of prepping for a fitness show.

So, the next step to take in order to compete in fitness is to hire a trainer or fitness consultant.

To Do: Hire A Contest Professional

What I would definitely suggest is to hire a trainer or fitness consultant with at least a couple of year's worth of experience in this business. The difference between just a regular trainer and a contest trainer is that they truly understand the nature of the beast.

Kelly Ryan Kelly Ryan
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Kelly Knows What She's Talking About!

What I mean by saying this is that the trainer knows the demands fitness routine places on the body and diets you down the right way so you can perform to the best of your abilities.

The biggest mistake I have come across, and several times at that, is for a trainer to starve their clients down like a bodybuilder and totally deplete their client.

I have even heard of fitness competitors using water depletion supplements. Listen, you need some water in the muscles to perform. You will totally cramp up and be too weak to get through your entire routine/routines in the pro ranks if you do this.

So whatever you do, check this person's client performance list and then put your trust in their hands.

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I, myself, went to the best in the business, Chad Nicholls. He has an amazing success record with athletes such as:

If you want to get to the top, you will need the objective eye of an expert, so take my advice and make things a lot easier on yourself by doing so.

Benefits Of Hiring A Trainer

Moving on... here are the major benefits of hiring a trainer.

Nutrition Planning

    The first major benefit is that they will plan out your nutrition program perfectly and have the objective eye during the process to look at you and make sure you are stage-ready.

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Weight Training & Cardio Planning

    They will also plan out your weight training program as well as your cardiovascular program. Their years of experience will include knowing how much weight training and cardio is too much or not enough for you personally.

    One program that might work for someone else might not work for you. I know that my body changes each time I diet for a show, so with outside help, I am able to follow a program that works at that time for me personally.


Treat this journey as a business and find out who is training who at the top. This will save you a lot of time and put you on the right track from the start. This concludes the second edition of Contest Prep 101.

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Good luck and please keep in touch with me at I am here for you and will always do my best to make your journey the best and most positive experience possible!

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