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Kelly Ryan's Corner - April 2005!

Kelly answers some common questions for the fitness enthusiast.

Spring is in the air and the competitive season is in full swing. I certainly hope 2005 has been a positive one for all of you so far and that you are accomplishing the results you desire from your training and nutrition regiments.

The first announcement I would like to make is that Craig and I have once again signed on with PINNACLE/Cytodyne Nutrition and are just ecstatic about working for such an amazing company. Our sincerest thanks to Mel Rich and Steve Stern, owners of PINNACLE and Cytodyne Nutrition for believing in Craig and I, and for keeping us in the family for another term.

This month's column is a really good one because we are going to touch base on some new ideas that will hopefully spark some motivation in each and every one of you faithful readers.

I am now including before and after pictures so anyone who has been involved with Kelly's Corner over the last couple of years, please send me your pictures by e-mail and I will include you in future columns.

I would also like to thank Frank Bohm for bringing Craig and I out for his show in Portland, Oregon on April 6th and to Tangy Lockman for all of your great hospitality during the weekend.

The show was a big success and Craig and I appreciate the love from the fans during our performances. Well enough talk about this month's events let's get down to business and discuss this month's questions.

[ Q ] My name is Ryan, and I have a question about bodybuilding for you. I heard this myth or theory saying that if you train the same muscle group in the same day 7-10 hours apart, it can have a great effect in the size and strength of that muscle group. I was wondering if you had ever heard of this theory and what your thoughts are about it?

    A: I will be very honest with you Ryan, and say that I have never heard of this training method along with the results it claims to produce. Weight training is a very complex type of exercise and one must become very in tune with the way their body responds in order to attain muscle size and strength.

    I believe that by training the same body part twice a day will not only break down the muscle fiber extensively so that the recovery will take twice as long, but this method is simply over training.

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    Overtraining is the one thing that every bodybuilder tries to avoid at all costs. Training the same body part or muscle group within a week's rotation is okay as long as you get enough rest and eat well to support the recovery cycle in between workouts.

    Keep training with intensity and your consistency will produce the muscle size and strength you desire.

[ Q ] Hi Kelly, I was wondering what type of music you listen to when you train?

    A: I am one of those people that love almost any type of music and feel that music can really motivate you and increase the intensity of a workout. I love hip hop and house music when I train.

    What Is The Best Music For Motivation?
    Heavy Metal.
    Classic Rock.
    Easy Listening.

    I have a 500 sq ft gym built onto the back of my home and so depending on the mood I am in before training, I will either listen to the radio stations in Las Vegas that play top 40 and hip hop music, or put in a particular CD like 50 Cent's new one or anything by Janet Jackson.

    Janet is my idol and inspiration for my fitness routines and performances. When I play one of her CD's, I find myself dancing around my gym playing with choreography in between sets.

    My latest purchase was the Linkin Park/Jay-Z CD. Listening to this one gets me extremely psyched up for my workout.

    My suggestion is to listen to the type of music that fires you up and will keep your mind in a positive place while you train. Lastly, music can change your mood and serve as a great motivational tool for your workouts. Pump up those tunes and see what great training sessions you will have.

[ Q ] Dear Kelly, I have entered my first Figure competition and did so at only 5 weeks out from the show. It is now 3 weeks out and I have been living off of egg whites, chicken breasts, steamed veggies, brown rice and fish for the past 2 weeks as well as lifting extremely hard 5-6 days a week with 1 hour of cardio on the bike 3-5 days a week.

I am 5'8" tall and thin, which is why I switched my cardio to riding the bike from running so that I can build my legs. I do not seem to be leaning out nor showing any definition and am asking for any advice you have for being such a time crunch. I hope you can find the time to respond with the thousands of e-mails you get. I would greatly appreciate it.

    A: My best suggestion is this, keep an eye on your progress from now until the show and realize that if you are not ready conditioning wise, at least a week out before the show, contact the promoter and drop out of the show.

    I am saying this because it is extremely stressful to put your body through such drastic changes with both your nutrition and workout regiment. Even if a person is able to drop weight quickly, it is hard for the body to look its best being under these conditions.

    I do not want to deter you from competing altogether; I only want your very first show to be a positive experience so that you will continue to compete in more shows.

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    By going on the information you have provided, I can only advise you to add a 45 minute to an hour long morning cardio session before eating breakfast to shed body fat quickly and improve your definition.

    I would also do cardio every day except Sundays and use that day as a day of complete rest from any training at all. Try to manipulate your carbohydrate intake by eating complex carbs only once a day for three days and then, on the fourth day, put them back into your meal plan for your first two to three meals.

    This method of rotating your carbs can also increase the rate in which your body burns fat and calories. To give you a good idea of where your body needs to be for stage, a Figure competitor will be anywhere from 9-11% body fat the day of the show.

    I hope these suggestions help you not only with your physique, but also make the right decision in competing so that your first show is successful!

[ Q ] What kind of supplements do you recommend? What do you feel is the best brand of thermogenic, fat burner, etc? I want to go all out with fitness because I plan to compete in a fitness competition in the future, but I do not know what supplements to use.

There are so many different kinds of thermogenics that I get confused. I really need some sort of energizer because when I come home from my classes at the University, I feel so drained. I need something to keep me going and for my training.

    A: This is a fantastic question because it is probably the one I am most commonly asked.

    Thermogenics are a supplement that increases energy, promotes fat loss and calorie burning, and will suppress the appetite. I use this type of supplement for my training and cardio sessions, as well as my fitness routine practices both pre-contest and post season.

    I use Xenadrine NRG which is a brand that is not only formulated to mimic the effects of ephedrine (which is the strongest type of weight loss stimulant, but no longer allowed by the FDA) but is also the only time release thermogenic on the market today.

    The NRG formula lasts for 8 hours and what is best about it is it has a three hour window in which it depletes in the body.

    This allows a gradual decrease of stimulation in the body and eliminates moodiness and extreme fatigue once it wears off. The Xenadrine NRG formula, because of its herbal make-up, can be taken on an empty stomach without any discomfort.

    I highly recommend this supplement to anyone looking for great results in fat loss and increasing energy levels for an entire 8 hours. This particular brand of thermogenic is exactly what you are looking for and can be purchased right off the web site. Learn More

[ Q ] Hi Kelly, I just want to say that you are one of my favorite fitness personalities. First have you always had lean looking legs? If not, how did you transform your lower body?

Do you have any tips on how to stay on track when eating clean and exercising regularly? I find that when I do eat clean and train consistently I become grouchy and I give into temptation which makes me feel gross afterwards.

    A: Thank you so much for the super sweet compliment and support, it is very much appreciated. To answer your first question, no, I have not always had lean looking legs. My legs have always been muscular from my genetics and athletic background especially my childhood competitive gymnastics career.

    I have used all different types of training methods over the years to create the appearance of my legs today.

    These training methods include, pyramiding up or down in weight each set, super setting by performing two different exercises simultaneously without rest in between, and circuit training that involves plyometric exercises.

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    I also believe in split training your legs to create better muscular development in each area. For example, I train my quadriceps and glutes together and pair my hamstring exercises with my calves. By doing this, I have been able to refine each muscle group and isolate specific areas that I feel need more work than others.

    The answer to your second question about staying on track with the dieting is to have a cheat meal at least twice a week to reward yourself and shock your body by eating foods higher in fats and sugar to reboot your metabolism.

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    The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot cheat for the entire day because it will set your progress back a few days. Have one meal consisting of anything you desire and then get right back to your meal plan.

    I feel that by incorporating the different types of leg training and having a cheat meal twice a week should make a visible difference in your physique.

    I would like to recognize this faithful reader of Kelly's Corner for her determination and hard work in the gym! I am so proud of her and the accomplishments she has made and look forward to hearing the results from her first competition.

    Good luck and thanks for the great pictures.

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