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Kelly's Transformation: Improved Physique Through Weider Principles, Rest, & Diet!

I started dieting after the holidays when I looked in the mirror and saw how much body fat I was carrying. Here's a rundown on what I did to lose weight, a 1 RM accident, recovery after and more. Read on.

Article Summary:
  • Kelly saw he was carrying extra body fat and decided to change that.
  • Kelly went from 235 pounds to 217 pounds in just 81 days.
  • After straining his pec, his chiropractor recommended laser treatment.
  • I started dieting after the holidays when I looked in the mirror and saw how much body fat I was carrying. This was January, so I dedicated myself to really hitting the gym.

    I Looked In The Mirror And Saw How Much Body Fat I Was Carrying.
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    I Looked In The Mirror And Saw
    How Much Body Fat I Was Carrying.

    I dieted using whey protein, hardly any carbohydrates or fat except for what little there was in the foods I was consuming. Along with the high protein foods, such as chicken, steak, and fish, I took in a lot of protein supplements. Mainly protein bars, meal replacements; basically easy absorption supplements along with an occasional insulin spike.

    Success Through Strategy Changes

    As far as my routine in the gym, I used the Weider Principles while decreasing my rest time to 45 seconds, but no longer than one minute. This started with a 10 minute warm-up on the Stairmaster before I hit the weights.

    Being able to hit each muscle at different angles became important, so I used a variation of compound sets and tri-sets. These two are designed to give definition and cut by hitting each muscle at the many angles with the minimal rest in between sets. It worked well; giving me a lean look rapidly, along with some beginning vascular definition.

    Tri-Sets For Chest?
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    Tri-Sets For Chest?
    I was going to start a new chest routine this Monday and was thinking about incorporating tri-sets into it. I was going to do three rounds of Tri-sets, and then finish off with 3 sets of supersets. Anyone ever try anything similar to this? What did you think about it?
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    Fat was just melting away within a month. From January to March, I went from 235 pounds of flab to a solid 225 ripped look. As far as repetitions are concerned, my gauge was between 12 and 15, but the most important aspect was using a slow strict form along with a slight pause at the peak of contraction. The pump was tremendous due to the movements within my routine.

    A Change For Definition

      Everyone has seen these 90 day workout plans, so I began to wonder what I could do in this amount of time since I was progressing so much in just two months. Therefore, I decided to take my protein intake down between 1.5 and 1.75 grams, and decrease my caloric intake by 2500 calories a week. This is because an extra 2500 calories a week will add a pound of body weight per week, so I subtracted this amount.

      By April, I was weighing 217 pounds with definition out of this world; my abdomen was so cut that I was chiseled as far down as one could see. It looked as though I had a twelve pack instead of six which is just a figure of speech, so you get the point.

      I started getting messages and comments on my BodySpace about my progress, due to the fact this was only 81 days in since I began my quest. Basically, it involves the formula of maintaining a strict diet, hitting each muscle at a different angle, and most importantly the decreased rest time. I made absolutely sure that rest time remained between 45 seconds and one minute; the longest break I got was moving to the next equipment for the next set.

    I Started Getting Messages About My Progress Since It Had Only Taken 81 Days.
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    I Started Getting Messages About My
    Progress Since It Had Only Taken 81 Days.

    A Change For Mass

      Next, people began to inquire if I could put mass back on after my rapid weight loss from 235 to a ripped 217 in just 81 days. Well, I had to show them; so I adjusted my routine once again. Increasing my rest time to 90 seconds and eliminating the tri-set principle and just sticking with the Weider compound sets while decreasing my repetitions to an exhausting 12 became my next move.

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      As before I used a strict, smooth, slow motion with a pause at the contraction. My protein intake increased to 200 grams a day and I increased my caloric consumption by 2000 calories a week which would add close to a pound a week. Within no time I shot back up to 230; I noticed an increase in my arm strength as well.

      My dumbbell curls were at 70 pounds for reps, and I began to wonder if I could take my bench up to where it once was during college football days. Using a wave set for my bench - 85% - 95% for the first wave of three reps and then the second wave I increase the percentages by 1% - I did a total of six sets.

    Injury And Effective Recovery

    In September, I began preparing for a 1 RM on the bench. I raised my protein intake to 250-300 grams a day along with some carb loading. The day I went for the 1 RM started with the general warm-up routine.

    Feeling strong as ever, the weight was going up smooth and my technique was never better. However, I got into the 400's and then it happened; I tweaked a peck. This occurred because I got off my pushing track and form; I arched too much as my spotter lifted the weight off. The extra arch caused my wrist to come back and the result was that the bar came down too high on my chest placing a lot of pressure on my clavicular pectoralis major and anterior deltoid.

    My spotter noticed right away something was wrong, and lifted it off as I started up which prevented me from tearing one or both muscles, but I had strained them badly. I couldn't work my chest, so I worked every muscle that was in good shape. I have torn muscles in the past, and worked around them. However, this time I wasn't in sports where in the past I had to play with injuries, so I sought medical attention.

    Layne Norton Reloaded... The Comeback.
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    Layne Norton Reloaded ... The Comeback.
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    Layne Norton

    The Treatment

      My chiropractor told me I needed a deep penetrating ultrasound and laser treatments. Laser treatments stimulate the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, and the ultrasound fired muscle fibers and started contractions. Therefore, these two systems used in conjunction worked so well that you could see my peck filling back in.

    My Chiropractor Recommended Ultrasound And Laser Treatment.
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    My Chiropractor Recommended
    Ultrasound And Laser Treatment.

      Within four weeks I began working chest again (going very light with few sets). It was unbelievable how fast my strength was coming back. My chest also felt as if both sides were growing due to the fact that I continued my treatments.

      To this day, I get adjusted once per week along with laser and ultrasound for preventive maintenance plus I believe it has stimulated muscle fiber firing and growth. I was eating everything under the sun in order to put on mass and aid in the healing.

      I am not one for a lot of carbohydrates but I carb loaded the night before I would work chest, and bumped my protein preload up before my workouts. I blew up to 250 pounds; I wasn't cut, but I was so massive in the shoulders, chest and arms. My forearms grew like crazy, getting close to my biceps so to speak.

      I recommend to anyone with a tweak or tear to seek laser treatments; due to the fact it hits the mitochondria and stimulates the entire muscle fiber firing process.

      Once I was able to work my chest (after the laser treatments had healed me to a degree), I began to increase my rest time between sets to 2.5-3 minutes. I did this in order to increase my poundage and be fresh enough to completely burnout every set. It also helped me achieve more reps. I had to change my formula once again, but was noticing the results I sought. I was putting on mass like crazy - my chest looked fuller than ever and my shoulders where forming out of this world.


    Look, the whole point to this story is simply this - Use the Weider principles, adjust your rest time, and use nutrition to take you where you want to be. If you seek a ripped look: cut your carbs, decrease rest time, and make sure you get a proper amount of protein. One can tell about protein according to the pump because protein makes a body hard. Reverse it if you seek mass: carb load, up your protein and increase rest time.