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Guide To Exercises. Page Three!

Here are some of my favorite exercises with pictures of how to do them perfectly!

This is page three. Click HERE for page one!


Side Lateral Raises

Stand upright with your feet together and the dumbbells at your side, with your palms facing towards each other.
Without swinging, lift the dumbbells straight up from your sides. Twist your palms so they face as shown above at the end of the movement.

Bent Over Side Laterals

Same as the side laterals but with more emphasis on the rear delts.
Keep your back arched and do not swing.

Dumbbell Overhead Press

You can also do this with a barbell. Do not go down LOWER than what it shown above. You can get shoulder injuries if you do.
Go all the way up and slowly bring it back down. Keep your back straight!


Tricep Pushdowns - Rope

You can do this with a rope or a different attachment, like the V-Bar or the straight bar. Do not swing or bend over. Stay standing pretty straight up.
Push down and squeeze your triceps at the bottom.


Don't lean over too much, try to keep your body straight up and down. Don't go down much lower than shown above.
Without swinging, lift yourself up but don't completely lock out at the top. Just come within one inch! That way your arms can't rest on your bones for a second.

One More Tip: With all exercises, do not stop or pause in between reps. Use a slow, fluid motion for the entire set... kinda like you are doing one LONG slow rep. Pausing at the top or bottom of the movement gives your muscles a rest and you are cheating yourself of the best results!

That's it for now! Check back soon for more exercises and articles.

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