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Katrina's Guide To Exercises!

Here are 25 of my favorite exercises with pictures and tips on how to perform them for max results! Learn the proper form!

Proper form while doing your exercises is probably the most important thing for you to master if you are looking for great results. Check out the exercise guides below!


Knee Raise

This exercise is great because unlike crunches, this works mostly the lower abs.
Use your abs to pull your legs up. Rotate your pelvis foreward to really "crunch" your abs.

Try not to swing. Using momentum in any exercise is cheating!
Squeeze your abs at the top! Keep your legs together.


Lat Pulldowns

Extend your arms as high as they can go at the top of the movement to get the best stretch.
Keep your torso upright. Do not swing or lay back! Relax your ams as use your lats.

1-Arm Dumbbell Row

Keep your back arched and lower the weight all the way down. Feel the stretch in your back.
Keep your torso in the same, straight position and lift the weight using your back. Squeeze at the top.

Seated Row

This works your middle back. Keep your torso upright. Unless you want to work your lower back, do not swing back and forth.
Pull with your back muscles and sqeeze your shoulder blades together. Go slow and steady and feel the burn. Don't lean back you cheater!


If you can lift your bodyweight, these are even better than pulldowns. Grip as shown to work your lats.
Pull up using your back muscles. Don't swing! A spotter can lift you up a little if needed on your last few reps.
Go all the way up so your chin is above the bar. Slowly lower back down. You can add weight using a dip belt as well.

Back Extensions

Great for your lower back. You can hold a weight plate on your chest if you want extra resistance.
Do NOT extend past where your torso straight. Don't extend further back than shown... unless you WANT to get injured.