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Fitness 360: Supplement Program—Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach

Katie is a busy woman who often works long hours. Her supplement stack is simple, but it powers her through a hectic schedule of life and lifting.

Fitness 360: Supplement Program—Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach

Katie Chung Hua is a spokesmodel for supplement maker BSN, using its products exclusively and, apparently, to great effect as well. Her 5-foot-1, 105-pound body needs the extra nutritional support because she goes hard in the gym every workout.

Katie lists three go-to BSN products, and she uses the first one, BSN Syntha-6/Lean Dessert Protein Shakes, as her second meal of the day. The 3:1 ratio of protein-to-net-carbs keeps her muscles fueled without prompting a big insulin spike that might deposit some unwanted fat in an unwanted place.

Second up is a single scoop of BSN HyperFX, which she takes 30 minutes before her workout. "This is BSN's new concentrated preworkout," Katie says. "It contains D-Aspartic Acid, so it raises your testosterone levels a little bit during your workout, benefitting your muscle building." Women don't have nearly as much naturally occurring testosterone as men do (obviously), but they do have some.

Toward the end of her workout, Katie will take a scoop of BSN AminoX, a branched-chain amino acid product. Uniquely, AminoX uses what's called effervescent BCAAs. By lowering the pH of the stomach, effervescents are designed to improve the absorption of the amino acids across the stomach. "You need those BCAAs to recover, and the AminoX holds me over until I arrive home and get a solid meal in me," Katie says.

Katie's Supplementation Plan

bsn syntha-6

BSN Sythna-6/Lean Dessert Shakes 1 scoop (morning meal replacement)

bsn hyperfx

BSN HyperFX 1 scoop (30 min pre-workout)

BSN AminoX

BSN AminoX 1 scoop (10 min before end of workout)

Katie Chung Hua Fitness 360