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A 'Round Table' Discussion About The Benefits Of Orotic Acid.

As King Arthur's Round Table was meant to give equal voice, so shall this Round Table be for The Kingdom of MAN to have a voice. Discussion often elicits deeper thought... Today we will discuss Orotic Acid.

Charge Given To The Knights
By King Arthur
A Historical Text

    God make you a good man and fail not of beauty. The Round Table was founded in patience, humility, and meekness. One should never to do outrageous acts, nor murder, and always to flee treason, by no means to be cruel, and always to do ladies, damsels, and gentle women succor. Also, to take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law, nor for the world's goods.

    You should be for all ladies and fight for their quarrels, and ever be courteous and never refuse mercy to him that asks mercy, for a knight that is courteous and kind and gentle has favor in every place. You should never hold a lady or gentle woman against her will.

    Thou must keep thy word to all and not be feeble of good believeth and faith. Right must be defended against might and distress must be protected. You must know good from evil and the vain glory of the world, because great pride and vanity makes great sorrow. Should anyone require you of any quest so that it is not to thy shame, you should fulfill the desire.

    Ever it is a worshipful knights deed to help another worshipful knight when he sees him a great danger, for ever a worshipful man should loath to see a worshipful man shamed, for it is only he that is of no worship and who fair with cowardice that shall never show gentleness or no manner of goodness where he see a man in any danger, but always a good man will do another man as he would have done to himself.

    It should never be said that a small brother has injured or slain another brother. You should not fail in these things: charity, abstinence and truth. No knight shall win worship, but if he be of worship himself and of good living and that love God and dread God then else he get no worship here be ever so hardly.

    An envious knight shall never win worship for and envious man wants to win worship he shall be dishonored twice therefore without any, and for this cause all men of worship hate an envious man and will show him no favor.

    Do not, nor slay not, anything that will in any way dishonor the fair name of Christian knighthood for only by stainless and honorable lives and not by prowess and courage shall the final goal be reached. Therefore be a good knight and so I pray to God so you may be and if you be of prowess and of worthiness then you shall be a Knight of the Table Round.

A 'Round Table' Discussion

This "Round Table" discussion is between Bodybuilder X, J-Rod, and Androgenic.


    Joey Rodrigues a.k.a. J-Rod will be playing the role of our King Arthur - J-Rod is the "King" (CEO) of MAN Sports, a steroid free bodybuilder and a supplement researcher/product formulator. Outside of being a King and a Knight, J-Rod was a pretty decent athlete in his day, with some impressive accomplishments (if he does say so himself) in wrestling and baseball.

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    Joey Rodrigues.
    J-Rod's BodySpace.

    He has since turned in his spikes and wrestling singlet and put his focus on introducing cutting-edge and research backed supplements that dramatically improve performance and body composition. And to his credit, his company is doing just that with its introduction of Citrulline Malate, Beta-alanine and now - Orotic acid to the sports nutrition world.

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    Shawn Wells, MPH, RD a.k.a. Androgenic will be playing the role of Sir Lancelot. Andro has come storming on to the sports nutrition scene with love for supplementation, research in nutritional biochemistry and athletic prowess. He received a Masters in Nutritional Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, is a Registered Dietitian and has worked as a Clinical Nutrition Manager and Chief Clinical Dietitian in acute, long-term care and rehabilitation settings. He is willing to ride with J-Rod in to the battle called the "iron game" that would surely break those of weak heart and mind.

    Shawn Wells
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    Shawn Wells, MPH, RD
    Androgenic's BodySpace.

Bodybuilder X:

    Bodybuilder X - He is gym rat and enthusiastic lifter that wanted to ask some tough questions and get honest answers. He has entered the throngs of the strong-willed and put his sword on the table, so that he may not be denied his thoughts having forum on this day.

Orotic Acid

As King Arthur's Round Table was meant to give equal voice, so shall this Round Table be for The Kingdom of MAN to have a voice. Discussion often elicits deeper thought, new insights, and a greater understanding. Today, the Round Table will discuss Orotic Acid.

    [ BBX ] I'll start, I guess. You guys said I can be honest, so I'll just say the things I am thinking. I have heard of Orotic Acid, but I am not sure why I should take it or what makes it worthwhile versus tons of supposed performance enhancers on the shelf. Basically, I know creatine is now a staple to the war-chest of the lifter, but why should I bother with Orotic Acid?

    [ J-R ] Fair question and good points that you bring up. It shows that you're shrewd enough to not try anything without a good reason. Given how much misinformation and hype there is in the bodybuilding supplement industry, one needs to be shrewd. I have not hyped any of our products with unrealistic claims of weight gains and compared it to steroids, or pimped out my stuff on all the online bodybuilding message boards just to make a buck. That's not how MAN is run.

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    I'd rather do less in initial sales, but make a customer for life and win your trust with good business practices, quality products and research-based formulations. Your positive experience with our products is important to me. You will not see any gimmicky proprietary blends with tons of ingredients to impress you, only to under dose the effective and expensive ingredients.

    My motto is scientifically proven ingredients and doses. Meaning when you buy a MAN Sports product you can be sure that it contains effective ingredients and in the right doses.

    [ AND ] I can certainly vouch for this. I have my Masters in Nutritional Science and have graduate work in Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry. I am very shrewd about the industry and its unscrupulous marketing and claims. Joey and I talked many times, at length, about doing things differently. Research for the formulation of products, testing their real world validity, lab-testing its purity and efficacy, and most importantly... listening to customer feedback is essential to MAN's long-term growth.

    So J-Rod, why'd you choose to introduce the sports nutrition world to Orotic Acid, when there is, as stated, a sea of products that all seem the same?

    [ J-R ] Yes, they all seem the same and make many claims to distinguish themselves. Orotic Acid is a new breed of performance and body augmenting nutrients. Orotic Acid is a fascinating compound and offers a lot to athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike. It truly is very special.

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    [ BBX ] As mentioned earlier, I have heard of Orotic Acid, but if it is so groundbreaking why is no one else using it?

    [ AND ] Again, good question. Great question in fact. The longevity crowd is using the product. It has been in research for several decades now with postoperative cardiac surgery patients with phenomenal success in the form of magnesium orotate, which is also called magnerot.

    Clearly, the safety and efficacy is apparent in that it is used in hundreds of studies and often with a critically fragile population. Further, this is human data... not rats... not extrapolated interpretations of some "similar compound." So many compounds being released by the supplement industry may be unsafe or lack efficacy where there is no relevant study data published at all.

    [ J-R ] Exactly, Andro. I pick compounds for a reason. My goal is to bring well-researched, effective supplements to the athlete. I have chosen to forgo hype, heavy hormones, and hoopla for legitimacy and safety. I use my own products, and consider myself a bodybuilder and an athlete.

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    I want to make products I will use everyday. I also want products that I feel good about recommending to a friend, customer or my family. Some of the stuff getting put out there straight up scares me. Health and longevity is paramount to me personally, and is a driving force with my company.

    [ AND ] So, J-Rod, you have a product out called Orotine that is basically creatine bound to Orotic Acid... why pair it with creatine?


    [ J-R ] Well the reason I paired Orotic Acid with Creatine and why we include magnesium orotate, Orotine (creatine orotate) and extra Orotic Acid as a stand alone in CLOUT is because Orotic Acid boosts muscle phosphocreatine more effectively than just using creatine alone because it increases muscle Uridine levels.

    As you know phosphocreatine fuels ATP and muscular contractions, which leads to greater strength, energy, endurance and overall athletic performance. Elevation of intramuscular Uridine levels increase muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels 38% and 3%, respectively.

    What Is ATP?
    An adenosine-derived nucleotide, C10H16N5O13P3, that contains high-energy phosphate bonds and is used to transport energy to cells for biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and enzymatic metabolism, through its hydrolysis to ADP. ATP is hydrolyzed to AMP when it is incorporated into DNA or RNA.

    Both, sprinters and lifters should see a synergy here that will translate to better more explosive, repetitive power with less fatigue. Furthermore, it is a newly discovered nutrient that can boost muscle carnosine concentrations, since it is a precursor to beta-alanine, the rate limiting factor in carnosine biosynthesis.

    More recent work on isolated human muscle fibers has shown that elevation of pyrimidine base concentration (Uridine = elevated following orotate feeding in humans and mice) enhances the contractile capacity of muscle tissue and other research suggests that Orotic Acid may stimulate muscle hypertrophy.

    Another thing that people need to realize is that Orotic Acid can increase ATP production 3 different ways; through the production of ribose moieties, Uridine monophosphate and glycogen storage (elevated glycogen lead to an enhanced capacity for ATP resynthesis from anaerobic glycolysis).

    So, it is clear to see that there is an additive effect in combining Orotic Acid and Creatine, if not a synergistic effect. The beauty of Orotine/creatine orotate is that you can get effective doses of two research proven performance enhancers in one shot. Most other creatine products supply only creatine.

    OK, since you fired a question at me Andro, I got one for you. What are the potential health benefits and research on Orotic Acid?

    [ AND ] Well I have to give a background here by going back to the late Dr. Hans Nepier, famed German Oncologist. His decades of groundbreaking research included Orotic Acid (uracil-6-carboxylic acid) bound to salts in the sixties. He concluded that orotate salts, being neutrally charged, pass easily through cell membranes.

    What Is An Oncologist?
    A doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer.

    In effect, orotate shuttles the mineral atoms into cells and tissues, producing higher concentrations. Considering the poor bioavailability of minerals and the mounting research in there relation to optimal athletic performance, Eastern Bloc athletes quickly adopted them with the magnesium orotate gathering much attention.

    It wasn't until the 1980's that American researchers started to do clinical studies using magnesium orotate, labeled by researchers as magnerot.

    Recently, at the Hamburg symposium on magnesium orotate, a number of studies of metabolic supplementation were presented. Certainly the idea of putting the muscle under extreme stress with the aim of hypertrophy or strength gain would apply here. Literally hundreds of studies are now published on orotic acid/orotate.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention its antioxidant properties, which in part explains the protective effects seen neuronally and in the myocardium. OA has ascertained to stimulate erythropoiesis and leucopoiesis... So, do you think increased ATP production, greater oxygenation of the tissues, improved neuronal impulses for reflexes... do you see where this is going in terms of benefit to the individual? Maybe I am a geek here, but it's exciting to me.

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    [ BBX ] OK, OK, you've got my interest a little bit peaked here [note: sarcasm]. I'd really like to give this Creatine Orotate a go, but I do have a question that's kind of lingering in my "dome". So much is made of Creatine Ethyl Ester lately and it seems to be all the rage, why would I not get a CEE product?

    [ J-R ] Let me take this one, since I have been asked this question many times. As mentioned earlier, Orotine/Creatine Orotate provide both creatine and orotic acid. CEE, is only creatine. With CEE, you "may" saturate skeletal muscle levels of creatine phosphate a little faster, but once creatine in the muscle is saturated, that is it; your muscles are only capable of holding so much creatine phosphate.

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    Research shows that you only need 3 grams of creatine monohydrate for 28 days to fully load the muscles. After that, you are just maintaining. With Orotine/Creatine Orotate, you saturate muscle creatine levels and you get the benefit of enhancing multiple pathways that lead to the generation of ATP.

    You also get the other positive properties of Orotic Acid such as its effects on glucose uptake and glycogen storage. Another thing about Orotine is that it is the only form of creatine that can boost muscle carnosine concentration. Carnosine is the primary buffering agent the muscles use to combat lactic acid that is the result of Hydrogen ions released through energy production.

    Carnosine basically keeps muscle acid in check and provides an environment that is favorable for explosive and repetitive muscular contractions. And on top of that, Orotic Acid aids in muscle growth through RNA synthesis support during growth.

    What Is RNA?
    One of a group of molecules similar in structure to a single strand of DNA. The function of RNA is to carry the information from DNA in the cell's nucleus into the body of the cell, to use the genetic code to assemble proteins, and to comprise part of the ribosomes that serve as the platform on which protein synthesis takes place.

    [ AND ] Also, considering the biochemistry with OA and the salts the bound to and the radically improved bioavailability, the CEE argument maybe a moot one altogether. It's time to start arming yourself with knowledge over hype here.

    [ J-R ] I am glad you bring that up. This is something that I have not really hinted at since there are no direct studies on bioavailability of creatine orotate in comparisons to other forms. However as you suggest and based off Dr. Nepier's work, orotic acid may very well enhance the uptake of creatine as well.

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    [ BBX ] I feel you. You guys have really filled my head with science here, but I am glad to know the research and ideas behind a product. And even though money's tight, after my protein powder, creatine is my next most important supplement in my arsenal. So what works well with Orotine, if I was to have some extra cash available at some point?


    [ J-R ] Orotine is very cost effective. You can find a month's supply or more for around $30. If you have some extra funds, I would use either CLOUT in place of Orotine, or Orotine with BodyOctane. CLOUT contains Orotine as well as magnesium oratate, which Andro has alluded to.

    Add to that beta-alanine, NAC, ALCAR, Vinpocetine, IP6 and some other goodies and it's a no-brainer. It is an over all advanced formula to help with explosive power, stamina and recovery. It goes above and beyond any formula of its kind in that it effectively addresses the contributors to fatigue and combines 8 different bioactives in clinically proven doses, to really push the anaerobic threshold to the max.

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    CLOUT is the first product that looks to acetyl group donning at the onset of exercise as a means to enhance performance as well as Orotic Acid as a carnosine booster.


    BodyOctane is similar to CLOUT in that it too helps to fight fatigue and increase strength and recovery. It tends to be more of an aerobic energy booster, but don't get it twisted, it also helps generate power. It completely rids the body of endotoxins such as ammonia and lactic acid, and that will enhance performance. Keep in mind, all exercise, aerobic and anaerobic lead to the production of endotoxins. Combining BodyOctane with Orotine really puts power, endurance and recovery to max.

    [ AND ] OK, J-Rod knows what I think of BodyOctane and it's my favorite supplement on the market. No Joke. It tastes great, sweet and tangy, a really good lemonade. Taste is a big factor and certainly plays a role in wanting to take it day in and day out.

    I look forward to drinking it on my way to the gym, which is a nice change of pace. I feel that High Voltage BodyOctane is invaluable on a "cut" given the caloric deficit and possibly low-carb/ketogenic diet further reinforces this. Normally I crash after intense cardio and I have very little left for strength training, worse still my recovery is greatly reduced and DOMS is significant.

    With High Voltage BodyOctane I rip through my workouts, have gained strength while cutting calories and losing fat mass, and I recover quicker allowing to continuing my intense training regimen. It's also nice to be able to fall asleep at 10:30 when I take it at 7pm. Try that on most of those stimulant loaded pre-workout formulas. As J-Rod mentioned Orotine and High Voltage BodyOctane is a tremendous stack while cutting, and even when bulking for that matter.

    [ BBX ] How long before I would see effects?

    [ J-R ] You should notice results in a matter of days with Orotine, BodyOctane and CLOUT, with results continuously getting better as the bioactives in the formulas build up in your system. Many people on CLOUT and Orotine have commented on noticing fuller and harder muscle, while also looking leaner. This may have something to do with the way Orotic Acid aids in glucose uptake and glycogen storage.

    [ AND ] I have to say, those were great questions and really shows a thinking and critical mind which will serve you well in whatever choices you make. You have represented the Kingdom of MAN well. We accept you as a fellow knight.

    [ J-R ] [In a deep, dramatic voice] I knight you with the "Excalibur of Creatines" [J-Rod takes the bottle of Orotine and waves it over each shoulder].

Excalibur of Creatines
Click Image To Enlarge.
The Excalibur Of Creatines.

    [ AND ] [Laughing] Nice J-Rod... good thing he wasn't "Scorched" or even worse, "Vaporized". Seriously, I think you'll love this product. It is yet another, solid product by MAN. I am very proud to be associated with MAN and J-Rod's a good friend. He is letting me work with his company to bring my expertise to the "table" as well as educating and informing those willing to listen.

    [ J-R ] If and when you do give Orotine - The King of Creatines - a go, please visit the supplement forum and share your thoughts there so others can read your results and offer opinions or feedback. I too, am certain your results will be great; there is too much real research and anecdotal feedback for it not to be. Thanks, for your time. Good luck.

King Arthur (2004)

From the 2004 movie King Arthur, starring Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffud & Keira Knightley.

    [Lancelot finds Arthur praying in the stable]

    Lancelot: Why do you always talk to God and not to me? Pray to whomever you pray that we don't cross the Saxons.

    Arthur: My faith is what protects me, Lancelot. Why do you challenge this?

    Lancelot: I don't like anything that puts a man on his knees.

    Arthur: No man fears to kneel before the God he trusts. Without faith, without belief in something, what are we?

    [Last Lines] Lancelot [Voiceover]: And as for the knights who gave their lives, their deaths were cause for neither mourning nor sadness. For they will live forever, their names and deeds handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, in the legends of King Arthur and his knights.