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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Joseph Phillips!

Joseph never went to the gym for fear of everyone making fun of him for being so out of shape. But once he overcame his fear, he became hooked. Read on to learn how Joseph lost 37 pounds with hard work and dedication!

Before Before:
192 lbs
After After:
155 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Joseph Phillips
BodySpace: Zingaritano

Age: 44
Weight: 192 lbs
Waist: 38"

Age: 46
Weight: 155 lbs
Waist: 32"

Why I Got Started

I literally never stepped foot in a gym until the age of 44. In fact, I had never been very athletic - I didn't even participate in youth sports growing up.

Even though I considered joining a gym before, fear of others laughing at "the old fat guy huffing and puffing" prevented me from seeking membership.

Even when I got up the courage to join a gym, I fully expected that I would chalk it up as just another means of trying to lose weight and get in shape that did not work for me.

Joseph Phillips
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I Had Never Been Very Athletic.

I probably did get a few snickers from some of the young kids working out, however I reached the realization that I was 44-years old, and thought to myself, "Why do I care what some young punk thinks of me?"

As it turns out I found that I love going to the gym, and have gone 5-6 times per week since then. The pump and then endorphin release I get from a good workout, along with the visual transformation, keeps me motivated to this day.

I don't think I lost more than a pound any week during this transformation, but the clean diet and consistency of exercise helped me keep the weight off and improve my physique.

How I Did It

After I joined a gym I did an internet search to learn exercise routines and came across I read the boards nearly daily searching out as much information as I could.

I truly believe that without this incredible resource, and in particular the support and advice of those who post in the Over 35 boards, that I would not have been nearly as successful as I have.

Joseph Phillips
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I Found That I Love Going To The Gym.

While I do not have the wisdom of some of those who have decades of experience, I created a BodySpace after two years of lurking, and am now able to share with others some of the knowledge I gained from my limited experience.




    Sunday: Cardio Or Off

    • 30 minutes on either elliptical machine, or run on treadmill

Suggestions For Others

The sooner you realize not to place too much emphasis on what others think of you, you will open up the possibility of accomplishing more of yourself than you ever thought possible. Eat 5-6 "clean" meals per day.

If you feel you must have a cheat food, only have a bite or two. I once read in a book where the author employed this strategy. He would buy a package of candy and eat a few pieces and get rid of the rest. He ended up having to flush the rest down the toilet because he found himself repeatedly going back into the trash to get a few more. I laughed, because I could relate.

Read the Over 35 Forums on daily. I do not believe you will find better advice on training and diet anywhere. Watch the video examples on in the "exercises" section of the main page to learn proper form for your workout routines.

Joseph Phillips
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You Will Accomplish More Than
You Ever Thought Possible.

Losing weight slowly not only helps you build muscle at the same time, but increases the chance that you will keep it off. I watch little television, but one program I found fascinating was a "Biggest Loser" anniversary show where they brought back contestants one year after they lost impressive amounts of weight.

They celebrated how much weight each of the participants "kept off" from their starting weight before the initial show. In each of the cases, the contestants gained a significant amount of weight during the year between shows, even though their weight was still below where they started before the first show the previous year. None of the contestants continued to lose weight or maintain their weight from when they left the show.

Don't be overly worried if you have to miss a day. Sometimes obligations, such as family, get in the way and are more important. Besides, after several good workouts sometimes what the body needs more than anything is a good night's sleep.

Eliminate as many processed, refined carbohydrates form your diet as possible. Eat 1-1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight a day.


Be patient with family members and friends who at first may seem unsupportive. It is hard to understand the lifestyle of a weight trainer unless you have lived it. I know I would not have understood the "strange" diet, need for protein shakes, stopping in front of mirrors, and obsessing over eliminating lower belly fat until it became part of who I am.

Don't neglect your spiritual side as you give more attention to your physical improvement.

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