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John & Baz's British AST Challenge - Main Page.

Watch as John Berry coaches his training partner, Barry Snell, on how to pack on 6-8 weeks worth of lean muscle mass using only AST supplements and plenty of hardcore training! Season 2 of John & Baz's British Bodybuilding Show.

So, you're hooked on John Berry and Baz, are ya? Well, they're back for season number 2 of the immensely popular John & Baz's British Bodybuilding Show (formerly known as "The Brit Show"). Bookmark this page now!

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In Season #2, Baz Schools John On Proper Form!

This time around, John Berry and Baz (Barry Snell) put an AST supplement stack to the test, in the all-new "AST Challenge"! Download their workout videos for free, here, exclusively on!

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Stay Tuned...

Rumour has it that John and Baz have some more supplement companies that they'd like to put to the test... ;-)

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