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The Brit Show With John Berry: Free Arms Workout Video!

Watch 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder John 'The Giant Killer' Berry train week-by-week for his first bodybuilding competition. Download this week's free full arms workout video to your computer for future reference, too!

Welcome to "The Brit Show" with John 'The Giant Killer' Berry. This 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder will bring you week-to-week updates on his preparation for his first bodybuilding competition.

Watch for his workout videos for free here on each week this summer!

John Berry John Berry
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John Tortures His Triceps And Busts His Biceps!

Workout #6
Full Arms Workout

One of the most intense, ultra hardcore, complete arms routines you will ever see is now available on "The Brit Show." Join John & Baz this week as they annihilate their arms! And remember, you saw it here first!

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Road To The British: Contest Prep! Road To The British: Contest Prep!
Since last year I have had one goal - solely to win my class at either the BNBF or ANB British this year...
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Next Week
Full Body Workout

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