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John & Baz's British AST Challenge - Final Episode: Las Vegas Wrap-Up!

Watch as John Berry and Barry Snell wrap up (and wax philosophic on) how to pack on 8 weeks worth of lean muscle mass using only AST supplements and plenty of hardcore training! THIS WEEK: the final AST episode: Las Vegas!

End Of Season #2: Las Vegas Wrap-Up!

Welcome to the season finale of John & Baz's British Bodybuilding Show (formerly known as "The Brit Show").

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AST Supplements Really Work!

In season 2, we watched John Berry and Barry Snell (a.k.a. "Baz") take on a supplement manufacturer's challenge, with the AST line of supplements.

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Baz & John Pimpin' It In Las Vegas!

This week, watch the final episode in Season #2, the AST Challenge! As we end the AST challenge, see how Baz's supps worked out! Well, what are you waiting for - click the play button now to watch, listen, and learn!

Note: For links to the entire list of Season #2 videos, click here.

Video Segment #11
Las Vegas Wrap-Up!

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John & Baz's British Bodybuilding Show - Video Workout Series The Contest: BNBF Central Championships!
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Las Vegas Wrap-Up Info

John's Comments:

    Well, guys, I'm all out of words. For this final episode, I'm not going to say anything - I think the video and the "after" photos speak for themselves. Enjoy our Las Vegas trip!

    Once again, well done to Baz for all his hard work and a huge thanks to once again for hosting our video series!

    Many Thanks,
    John Berry

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John & Baz: Las Vegas Photoshoot!

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Baz's Favourite Training Color Is Orange!

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Barry Snell, Solo. (Or Is It Green?)

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John Berry, Solo.

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More John, Solo.

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The Dynamic Duo!

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Season 2: Thanks For Watching!

Ok guys, well, that's it for Season #2! We're going to take a break, and come back bigger and stronger for Season #3 with some different projects (which are a secret right now...) - so stay tuned!

In the mean time, check out John Berry's BodySpace Profile and Barry Snell's BodySpace Profile.

As always, I hope you have enjoyed this week's British Bodybuilding Show and a big thanks to for all the strong support and especially to you guys - our fans!

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John And Baz Kicked It Old-School!

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For those of us that are MySpace fanatics, John and Baz also have MySpace profiles! Check 'em both out!