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The Brit Show With John Berry: Free Pre-Show Prep Workout Video!

Watch 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder John 'The Giant Killer' Berry train week-by-week for his first bodybuilding competition. Download this week's free pre-show prep workout video to your computer for future reference, too!

Welcome to "The Brit Show" with John 'The Giant Killer' Berry. This 26-year-old British natural bodybuilder will bring you week-to-week updates on his preparation for his first bodybuilding competition.

John Berry John Berry
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Watch John Put The Finishing
Touches On His Posing Routine!

Watch for his workout videos for free here on each week this summer!

Workout #8
Pre-Show Prep Workout & Posing

As we near the end of season # 1 of "The Brit Show," be sure to watch John this week as he rehearses his posing routine for the BNBF Central Championships! And remember, you saw them* here first!

*John's dog also makes an appearance in this week's show!

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Update - Road To The British, Part 4. Update - Road To The British, Part 4.
Presented below is what I like to do in order to fill muscle glycogen levels and shed water in order to look my best and peak for a contest as well as the rationale for the practices.
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