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Professional Strongman Jesse Marunde Passed Away, July 25, 2007.

Well known Professional Strongman Jesse Marunde passed away after a training session at his home in Sequim, WA. We just learned about this recent loss and would like to share our thoughts with everyone.

Professional Strongman Jesse Marunde Will Be Missed

Well known Professional Strongman Jesse Marunde passed away after a training session at his home in Sequim, WA. Everyone here at would like to express their deepest sympathies in this loss to his family and all of his fans around the world. He will be sorely missed.

When we heard the news we were shocked and saddened because he was in Boise, ID not too long ago at the Boise Fitness Expo where he did a strongman demonstration with fellow strongman Corey St. Clair. We talked to him during that time and only noticed that he seemed to be the healthiest person in the world.

Jesse Marunde At The Boise Fit Expo.
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Now only four months later and just after celebrating the birth of a new child he is gone. When we learned of this information, (just this morning), we were shocked and literally at a loss for words. We can only imagine what his family must be going through at this time. And for his training partners and fellow strongmen I say this: Take the time to grieve but remember he would not want anyone to quit. In fact I might go as far and say that you would train harder now to remember him and never forget.

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Jesse Marunde.

Something I like to go by, from personal experience, is that you must take it one day at a time, keep going on with life, and most importantly... never forget! I had mentioned this to Jeremy Deluca at one time when he lost his very young daughter from heart complications. We are only human and must accept that these losses will happen even to the most loving and healthy people - our health is fragile and we must not take it for granted.

Here are just a few highlights from Jesse's list of accomplishments in case you didn't already know:

  • Jesses was 27 and lived in Sequim, WA where he and his wife owned and operated their own gym.
  • Jesse had aspirations of becoming the strongest man in the world, He left the football field and began competing in the sport of Strongman.
  • Within one year, Jesse became the youngest American, at age 22, to ever qualify for the World's Strongest Man contest on ESPN. He placed 2nd at the 2006 Iron Man event.
  • Was available to assist with coaching/support for Corey St. Clair.

I am sure there is more but these are some of the highlights that I know of. Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this on the forum.

Corey On The Phone

We just spoke with close friend and fellow strongman Corey St. Clair. Here is what he would like to share with everyone:

    "I met Jesse in Missoula in 2001 at Big Sky Strongest man. Ever since then, he has been a good friend to me.

    Jesse was living his dream to the fullest and doing what he loved to do everyday. When you are a professional athlete, you have to push yourself to the limit each and everyday. And this is what Jesse did!

    I was just reading Lance Armstrong's Book Every Second Counts and in there he explains on how after finding out he got cancer, it opened up his eyes and almost started a new outlook on life. It just shows that you never know what is truly important to you in life until you lose it or something big happens.

    You will be missed by everyone."


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Corey St. Clair.

Again I would like to let you know that everyone here at will miss Jesse a great deal and wish his family good health as they deal with this terrible loss.

Keep Lifting Hard And Never Forget!