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Jim Stoppani's Six-Week Shortcut To Shred Nutrition: Alternative Foods

The Shortcut to Shred nutrition plan is hardcore, but it's anything but boring. Keep your diet diverse with this list of approved foods!

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You will notice that the sample meals given in each phase of Shortcut to Shred are similar. This does not mean that you should eat these exact foods, and only these foods, throughout the program. Refer to the alternative foods below so you can keep your diet diverse and well-stocked with myriad nutrients!

Meat Replacements

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Dairy Replacements
Egg Replacements

    I highly recommend that you do not replace eggs due to the benefits that they provide for muscle growth and strength. However, I understand that some people cannot stand eggs, others are allergic, and some of you just get sick of eating them. So, if you must, you can replace eggs with the following:

  • egg protein Egg Protein
    1-2 scoops
  • whey protein Whey or Mixed Protein
    1-2 scoosp
  • dairy The dairy foods listed above
    1 serving
  • meat Any of the meats listed above
Vegetable Replacements

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Fruit Replacements
Whole-Wheat Bread Replacements
Sweet Potato Replacements

    When you get to eat a sweet potato in the early stage of the diet, you can replace it with any of these:

  • brown rice Brown Rice
    1 cup
  • pasta Whole-wheat Pasta (small amount of marinara sauce)
    1 cup
  • beans Beans
    1 cup
  • quinoa Quinoa
    1 cup

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