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Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 42 - Rest

Rest your body and train your brain. Today's Shortcut to Shred rest day will teach you how much water to mix in your protein shakes to maximize fat loss!

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If you've ever wondered how much water to use in your protein shakes, science may now have a solid answer. When you make your protein shakes, consider making them thicker by adding less water. This may help you feel less hungry while following any sort of fat-loss diet!

One study from Purdue University reported that, when subjects drank two shakes with identical nutrient profiles, they experienced significantly greater and more prolonged reductions in hunger after the thicker shake. Thick shakes could make getting through a diet easier and help you prevent a cheat.

What's Next?

Your first trip through Shortcut to Shred is over, but your journey isn't at an end. If you have more body fat to lose, you can cycle through Shortcut to Shred again. Base the nutrition plan off your new bodyweight and dive back into the program.

If you're peeled to the bone and ready to build more mass, you can attack Shortcut to Size for the next 12 weeks. Whatever you choose, you can build your best self and become the person you want to be. We're here to help.

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