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Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred: Day 4 - Chest, Triceps, Abs

Carve a detailed physique and torch body fat with today's single-joint Shortcut to Shred chest, triceps, and abs workout. Keep the shred strong.

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Ready to do some reps? You'd better be. Today, we're revisiting the workout we did on day one, but the exercises and reps per set change completely. Today's chest, triceps, and abs workout focuses on single-joint, isolation exercises. It will give your endurance muscle fibers a solid kick.

These training changes don't mean you get to slow down or decrease the intensity of your workout. Instead, choose a weight that causes you to fail near the top of the 12-15 rep range. Don't go so heavy that you fail on the fifth rep of the first set, and don't go so light that you could easily knock out 30 reps per set.

If you do need to change the weight, make sure you do it after the cardio acceleration movement. Use the time it takes to change the weight to take a quick rest, but no more than you absolutely need. Remember, cardio acceleration between every set will really help you burn blubber!

Chest, Triceps, Abs (single joint)

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