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If you're looking for a new training tool in your quest for massive gains in size and strength, the power rack is the place to start every workout. Exercise physiologist and author Jimmy Pena is here to give you 3 compelling reasons why.

Take a look around the gym. What's the single-best piece of equipment? If you overlooked the power rack, no wonder you're here looking for new ways to make gains. But make no mistake: The power rack can—no, will—enable you to blast through strength plateaus and jump-start your efforts to gain size.

The power rack allows you to use three highly advanced but completely different training techniques you can't do anywhere else in the gym. We've asked exercise physiologist and author Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS, to explain how to use each one. In the accompanying articles and videos, Jimmy shows you the finer points of training with partial reps, reverse movements, and isometrics: your ticket to big-time gains in strength and muscle. Each video is just a couple of minutes, and we guarantee it's the best time investment you'll make all week.

So make the power rack your first stop the next time you train, whether it's leg, chest, shoulder, or back day.

Part 1: Reverse Movements

Fight negative energy with reverse movements in the power rack by stopping at the bottom of each rep.

Part 2: Partial Movements

Training with partial movements gives you the benefits of pushing beyond your limitations—without a partner. The result: major growth.

Part 3: Isometrics

To get past a sticking point or add some volume, try these intense, isometric exercises.