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IFBB Pro Jessica Paxson-Putnam 2009 Olympia Interview!

IFBB Pro Jessica Paxson-Putnam is entering her third Olympia. She is humbled by her life... Find out more as she prepares for the 2009 Olympia and beyond!

An Interview With Jessica Paxson-Putnam

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to Jessica Paxson-Putnam, there is no doubt, this woman is beautiful. Jessica is someone you look at and say, "Wow"! She is so much more then that pretty face and beautiful physique; she is focused on her faith, her destiny, her life, and where she is headed.

Jessica Is Someone You Look At And Say, 'Wow'!
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Jessica Is Someone You Look At And Say, 'Wow'!

Jessica doesn't put on a happy face, she is a happy face. Jessica would tell you that she is just like you. As you spend time with her you see she is humbled by her life and blessed by the world around her.

Name: Jessica Paxson-Putnam
Age: 26
Height: 5''4 1/2
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Contest Weight: 115
Off-Season Weight: 125

Fitness Accomplishments:

  • 2004 Mike Francois Classic overall winner
  • 2004 Collegiate Nationals
  • 2005 Jr. Nationals C class winner, earned IFBB Pro Card
  • 2006 Pittsburgh Pro, third place in Pro debut qualifying for the Olympia
  • 2006 New York Pro Champion
  • 2009 Jacksonville Pro Champion
  • Three-time Olympia competitor (including the upcoming 2009 appearance)

[ Jen Hendershott ] How many years have you been competing as a Professional Figure competitor?

    [ Jessica Paxson-Putnam ] I have been competing as a Professional Figure competitor for four years.

[ JH ] You are competing in the 2009 Olympia, correct?

    [ JP ] Yes, that's correct.

[ JH ] How many Olympia's have you competed in to date?

    [ JP ] This will be my third Olympia appearance.

Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
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Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.

[ JH ] You are one of the most stunning women in figure competitions today. For readers who are not familiar with you, could you tell them (before they read any further) what you would most want them to know about you?

    [ JP ] I love the Lord, my husband, and my family!

[ JH ] Do you know how many magazine covers you have done since you began modeling in this sport?

    [ JP ] I believe I have done 11!

[ JH ] What is your favorite cover and do you have a picture of it?

    [ JP ] I'd say my favorite cover would have to be my FLEX swimsuit issue cover. It was my very first cover (in the States)! I also love any cover I am on with my husband, like our Muscle & Fitness cover!

My Favorite Cover Would Have To Be My FLEX Swimsuit Issue Cover.
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My Favorite Cover Would Have To
Be My FLEX Swimsuit Issue Cover.

[ JH ] What is your key or secret to being so beautiful?

    [ JP ] Wow, what a question. First, thank you for the compliment!

    I feel that beauty truly comes from within. I feel that I am a humble, caring and compassionate person. So, maybe those qualities shine through!

[ JH ] What is like to be Jessica Paxson?

    [ JP ] First and foremost I feel VERY blessed! I am someone who truly feels I am living out my passion and purpose in life! I get to do what I love for a living and share that career with my best friend, my husband Peter Putnam!

[ JH ] So, I have this hot date, can you give the readers and I five things to do for a quick body makeover?

    [ JP ] I guess it depends on how far in advance you are getting this advice...

    • Whenever I want to tighten up in a short period of time I do a higher protein/fat diet with no carbs. I am normally not a fan of the no carb diet, but for a couple of weeks its OK.
    • I would also add plyometrics, supersets and more cardio movements to your workouts to increase the intensity.
    • Increase the cardio a bit. Do morning and evening cardio.
    • Make sure you're drinking at least a gallon of water a day!
    • Get a massage to pamper yourself and feel good!

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[ JH ] What scares you most about the upcoming Olympia?

    [ JP ] As a Christian we are taught in the Bible to fear nothing!

    Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

    I guess I would say that I just want to make sure I am prepared and come to that stage with my best package and presentation. I would love a top six finish!

[ JH ] How in the world did you get to where you are at this moment in the IFBB?

    [ JP ] I really believe it is because I have had SO much support from my family! My mom and dad have been so supportive from the very beginning. I did my first show in 2004 at 21 years old. They helped me financially in the beginning. They have been to almost all of my shows, along with my aunt and uncle, and my brother Kyle.

    I am also thankful that I went to one of the best coaches in the industry, Mike Davies, from day one! He helped guide my career down the right path!

    My husband, IFBB Pro Peter Putnam, has believed in me from the very beginning and has been an integral part of my career!

My Husband, IFBB Pro Peter Putnam, Has Been An Integral Part Of My Career.
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My Husband, IFBB Pro Peter Putnam, Has
Been An Integral Part Of My Career.

[ JH ] Can you describe your training, cardio, and travel schedule in detail for us?

    [ JP ] My training schedule looks like this:

    My cardio training varies. Right now I am doing 30 minutes three mornings per week and 30 minutes four evenings per week. I am never one to do hours of cardio. I have to watch my legs and make sure I am not losing muscle!

    Travel is crazy from March (starting with the Arnold) until November (with Nationals). Peter and I travel to most of the big industry shows. I make appearances for Optimum Nutrition/American Bodybuilding (ON/ABB) and Weider.

    We also travel for appearances together on our own. We have been to Florence, Italy for the Florence Fitness Festival and Mexico City for a show. I have been to FIBO in Germany and I am now in Paraguay for an appearance with ON/ABB (with the opportunity to travel to India, Argentina and the Caribbean, etc.).

Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
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Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.

[ JH ] What supplements do you currently take in your preparation for the BIG show?

[ JH ] What is your favorite body part to train and can you give us your favorite exercise for this body part?

    [ JP ] I LOVE training arms! I know it's kind of boring, but I really like an old fashioned alternating biceps curl! But, I also love deadlifts! I don't do them extremely heavy. I just love to feel that stretch in your lower back and hams!

[ JH ] I found this clip on Flixya.

I know you say you are embarrassed, but I find it GREAT that you say you can only do four pull-ups. I think this is admirable for women to see and hear and it shows the reality that you are not super human even though you look like it.

Do you ever feel like you are super human and what did you do with the $400 you won?

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Jessica Winning Pullup Contest!

IFBB Pro, Jessica Paxson-Putnam, competes in The Rush Fitness Pullup contest where money is being given out to the top winners in a "Deal or No Deal" type game. Not only does Jessica win but she also picks the box with $400.00 in it.

    [ JP ] This is SO embarrassing! I have told Peter to take this clip down. In defense of my poor performance, I had reconstructive surgery and hadn't done pull-ups in a couple of years. Peter made me enter that contest and I knew I wouldn't be able to do many pull-ups!

    I know its sounds like an excuse, but it's the truth! I used to be able to do at least 10! LOL! No, I really never feel that I am super human, especially when I am humbled like I was in that contest! I can't even remember what I did with that money! Knowing us, we probably put it into savings!

[ JH ] So, you are married to the super cute Peter Putnam, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder! Can you tell me what it's like being married to someone who works in the same profession as you?

    [ JP ] Yes I am! A lot of people ask us how we could both diet for shows! They think it would be tough. It is actually awesome! We are on the same schedule. We do cardio together, eat our meals together, and train at the same time.

    Our marriage is 50/50 with everything so we both cook, clean, etc. I wouldn't have it any other way! We get to travel together and do photo shoots together! I get to share my career with my best friend! I love it!

I Get To Share My Career With My Best Friend! I Love It!
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I Get To Share My Career With
My Best Friend! I Love It!

[ JH ] Do you and Peter train together each day? If so, what is that like?

    [ JP ] We go the gym at the same time, but we don't train together. We have trained together before, but it gets too hard having to load and unload weight all the time.

[ JH ] What is the best thing you do for each other on a day to day basis to stay focused on your goals?

    [ JP ] Peter and I start our day off together in prayer and to do a Bible study together. It has really helped us to start our day thanking God for our blessings. It helps to keep us centered and focused on what is really important in our lives. It really keeps our priorities in check!

[ JH ] Does Peter develop your nutrition plan for you? If not, who does?

    [ JP ] No, I have been under the guidance of Mike Davies since 2004.

    Check Out Mike Davies Website Here.

[ JH ] I know that you are religious and committed to the Lord. Can you tell readers how much of an impact this has had on you and your relationship with Peter and his success in the sport?

    [ JP ] Our relationship with God is everything! I truly believe the key to a successful marriage, career and life is to put God number 1 in your life, to dedicate everything to Him, and do everything to glorify Him.

    We are by no means perfect, but I know that if He is at the center of our marriage and we come to Him for guidance we will be successful. He wants us all to succeed and have many blessings in our lives. I have seen Him work and guide us on this journey and I am forever grateful for that!

Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
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Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Jessica Paxson-Putnam At The 2008 Olympia.

[ JH ] Who do you have on speed dial?

    [ JP ] I don't have anyone on speed dial! The most dialed person would be Peter.

[ JH ] If you were not a model and competitor what would you be?

    [ JP ] I would be a psychologist working with teen girls who suffer from body-image issues/eating disorders.

[ JH ] What celebrity do you feel you resemble?

[ JH ] Can you tell us what you are most afraid of?

    [ JP ] As I mentioned before, I try not to fear anything. But, I guess I would say my biggest fear is not living out my passion and purpose in life to the fullest extent!

Jessica Putnam At The 2009 Jacksonville Pro.
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Jessica Putnam At The 2009 Jacksonville Pro.
View More Pics Of Jessica Putnam At The 2009 Jacksonville Pro.

[ JH ] What is the one thing you eat if you need energy?

[ JH ] If you are so tired and going to the gym is NOT something you want to do, how do you find the motivation to get up and get moving? Give us some tips we can use?

    [ JP ] If I am ever feeling tired or I don't want to do my morning cardio or get in the gym and train, I give myself a reality check! We are so very blessed to be healthy, to have legs to carry us through cardio, to be able lift heavy weight, and to just have a healthy functioning body to do all of this!

    There are people out there with physical disabilities or other issues that wish they could go to the gym or do the physical activity we take for granted. I always remind myself how blessed I am to have this healthy body! That usually gives me a burst of energy and I find the motivation to get into the gym and get the job done!

I Always Remind Myself How Blessed I Am To Have This Healthy Body!
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I Always Remind Myself How Blessed I
Am To Have This Healthy Body!

[ JH ] Anyone you would like to thank?


Jessica Paxson-Putnam is a definite beauty, but she is so much more. She is a beautiful woman of substance. Her faith is her guide. Jessica radiates strength, determination, and an inner beauty that shines as brightly as her outer beauty. She is the real deal. She is not only someone to watch on the Olympia stage, she is someone to stand back and admire in life. Jessica is not just a figure competitor; she is an inspiration for all!