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6 Top Rules For Moms: Look Better And Feel Stronger.

We, as moms and modern-day women, are forced to do more in less time. Here are my top rules and MUST DO's for looking better, feeling stronger, and getting glam in little to no time flat!

We, as moms and modern day women, are forced to do more in less time. The demands of our jobs, homes, families and friends forces us sometimes to put ourselves last. I urge all moms to "put themselves back on their to do lists!"

Here are my top rules and MUST DO's for looking better, feeling stronger, and getting glam in little to no time flat!

dot 1. Look Clean, Put Together, And Classic! dot

    There is nothing quicker than a slicked-back clean ponytail when you are trying to look polished in less than 5 minutes. Simply brush hair back completely off of face, and place in a chic pony tail at the nape of the back of your neck. Be aware of stray hairs, keeping them clean and in place with a touch of hair spray. Add a small pearl earring and you are set! Clean, classic and polished never was so easy!

How Long Do You Take To Get Ready In The Morning?

0 - 5 minutes
10 - 20 Minutes
30 - 40 Minutes
50 - 60 Minutes
More Than An Hour

dot 2. Make Up In 3 Minutes! dot

Make Yourself Up!
As a female physique competitor, proper make-up selection and application is one of the most critical aspects involved in one's presentation. I've enlisted the guidance of several top make-up consultants.
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dot 3. Have A Hot Bath! dot

    Spa time may be expensive to do at a resort, but it isn't when you bring the spa home! Simply shut all phones off, and make sure you place a note at the door not to ring the bell. A cheap candle, epsom bath salts and some relaxing music are all you need for the ultimate at home spa experience to help recharge and relax you!

Hot Bath!
It's winter and I love to take a shower with very hot water. It really relaxes me and there's lots of steam in the bathroom. Are their any problems of takin a very long hot water bath. I heard it dehydrates u and it makes you lose your muscle. Any comments guys! - sarmadmalik.
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dot 4. Pick Out A Classic Easy To Expand On Wardrobe: dot

    When you are in a rush and have to build a look instantly, make sure you stock your closet with must have staples. These classic essentials are a pair of black pants, a knee length black skirt, a crisp clean white shirt, a sharp looking belt and a matching jacket.

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Author, Jennifer Nicole Lee.

dot 5. Get Your Rest! dot

    Nothing looks better on you than rest! Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time, and you get ample sleep so you are more alert, function better, and also are in a better mood! Aim to get at least 8 hours per night!

Sleep: How Important Is It?
We see that that sleep can prevent health problems and working problems such as concentration and thinking ability, just to name a few. Never underestimate how important a good nights rest is!
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dot 6. Treat Your Workouts As Important Business Meetings That You Can't Cancel: dot

    Treat your workouts as important business meetings that you cannot be late to, cancel with THE most important person in the world-YOU!

    That's right! Give yourself and your workouts the proper respect that they deserve, and your body will thank you. Your body needs to be challenged, and when it is, it grows stronger, and you feel better. It's a win-win!

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Give Your Workouts The
Respect That They Deserve.


With my Fat to Fab Fast tips, you are sure to gain the energy, strength, and endurance that you need to look and feel your best! Smile and be well!

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Author, Jennifer Nicole Lee.

About The Author:

    Fitness expert and author, Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), has become an icon for women and fellow moms across the world with her amazing 70-pound plus weight loss success story. To ultimately improve her physical and mental health and become more active with her children, JNL began a regimen of exercise drills and performance nutrition. Training as an athlete, JNL's goal was to lose weight, with the ultimate goal of entering a bikini contest. Less than one year later, JNL entered the ultimate figure competition and was crowned Miss Bikini America 2004, realizing her goal and proving that mothers can still be sexy, fun and fit!

    This empowering experience catapulted Jennifer Nicole Lee into the health and fitness industry and gained her the respect of countless professionals. She has shared her compelling weight-loss story on national talk shows including Oprah and Inside Edition, and has proudly graced the covers of over 15 fitness magazines. Please visit for more information.