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2008 Olympia Interview: Defending Champ Jay Cutler Lays Out The Facts!

As he readies himself for the biggest fight of his life at the 2008 Mr. Olympia contest, defending champion Jay Cutler views the retaining of his title in realistic terms... Here are the facts as he prepares to defend his title!
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Article Summary:
  • Jay is going into the 2008 Olympia as the man to beat.
  • Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson, and Phil Heath are his greatest threats.
  • Jay plans to enter the 2008 Olympia in his best shape ever.
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    An Interview With Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler

    As he readies himself for the biggest fight of his life at the 2008 Mr. Olympia contest, defending champion Jay Cutler, though confident of success, views the retaining of his title in realistic terms, knowing his competition is not getting any easier and that he will need to present his best physique yet to seal the deal in the minds of the judging panel.

    While foremost in Cutler's mind is the overarching goal of winning his third consecutive Olympia crown, his 2007 failure to convincingly stake his claim on this prestigious title places additional pressure to win on his massive shoulders.

    However, dealing with such pressure is all part of the deal for a man who did the seemingly impossible to beat former eight-time champion Ronnie Coleman at the 2006 Mr. Olympia, after four years' relegation to second spot behind the massive Texan.

    Thus, Jay Cutler is a man as much accustomed to pressure as he is to consistently presenting one of the most impressive physiques to have ever walked the planet. Cutler's imposing 270-plus-pounds of shredded muscularity, unmatched for its pound-for-pound impressiveness, is unlikely to buckle under the pressure; something no doubt assisted by the Las Vegas resident's relaxed, balanced approach to life.

    Now that Jay Cutler, who is regularly featured in the market-leading Flex Magazine, has set his own standard for razor cuts, impressive muscular balance and freakish size, it is the remainder of the professional bodybuilding elite's job to follow his lead with a view to pulling ahead of the champ. And many challengers are aiming to knock out the reining champion.

    But as with all Mr. Olympia showdowns, it remains to be seen who amongst the current stable of striated warriors will cause the most damage, especially in light of this year's field probably being the strongest ever.

    Jay Cutler Jay Cutler
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    Jay Cutler At The 2007 Olympia.
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    Indeed, what will make the 2008 Mr. Olympia potentially the biggest and best ever, other than its wide-open field of top tier professionals, many convinced that they can overthrow the champion, will be the answer given to the burning question in everyone's mind: Can Jay Cutler put the decision beyond doubt in 2008?

    With the level of passion for which he spoke about his ability to retain his title, combined with his unparalleled track record of tenacity and fortitude, as demonstrated to good effect during the five years leading up to his first Olympia win, you would not want to bet against him in Las Vegas come September 26.

    [ Q ] Hello Jay. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Going into the 2008 Mr. Olympia as the current champion, you are the man to beat, which may create an expectation that you will win. What kind of pressure is placed on you to win right now?

      [ A ] A lot of pressure is created because last year I showed up not at my best. So this year I'm expected to come in with my best and win the competition. This time around I'm going to be heavier and better conditioned, while bringing the balance and symmetry that's won me the title before and placed me second to Coleman for so many years.

      I'm a complete bodybuilder, but when I nail my conditioning and bring the best overall size and balance, that is hard to beat. I'm not really focusing on additional mass, but will be looking to bring a better flow to my physique and the better conditioning will convey the appearance of a much larger physique.

    Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman
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    Ronnie Coleman At The 2007 Olympia.
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      Being the champion draws a great deal of pressure and you can't go into every contest getting better and better because the bar is set so high. If you do the same things over and over the physique just doesn't want to work in the same direction. So you just have to take the best of your ability at the current time, in the current situation, and use it to its advantage.

    [ Q ] With a four short weeks to go before you defend your Olympia title for the second time, how will you dial yourself in for the final period before you hit the stage?

      [ A ] I don't really know; I'm taking it day by day. If you asked me this question yesterday I would have told you of my plan today. But when I woke up this morning that was thrown out the window.

      I'm walking the line of being about two to three pounds within (contest shape) striking distance. It will all come down to the final hours. I realize that my body (appearance) can go in about ten different directions and that I just need to roll the dice and see what kind of looks I want to present. That can't be decided four weeks out from the competition.

    Jay Cutler!
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      At this stage there is no need to make any predictions or choices on what you are going to be until the day of the competition. I just feel that if I can come in at the best of my ability, I will remain champion. That's all I look at.

    [ Q ] Does your passion for winning the Mr. Olympia go beyond holding this prestigious title?

      [ A ] What drives me is being a champion, the feeling of winning, the thousands of fans that are there to support, from all over the world who write to me daily, going down in Mr. Olympia history as being a champion, and winning it for all the people who doubted I would get there.

      There are a lot of motivational things I look at but more than anything it is the self-satisfaction of knowing that I'm at the top of what I do. It has nothing to do with finances. I don't even think about this part (finances); I'm not even sure what the prize money for the Mr. Olympia is this year.

    [ Q ] The IFBB is attracting many new potential threats to your title and the competition is always improving in line with bodybuilding's popularity. Are the large numbers of top athletes coming through the ranks also a motivating factor for you to stay one step ahead of the pack?

      [ A ] I'm very threatened by a lot of these new guys, but my mentality is as it always has been. I've fought the greatest threat ever with Ronnie Coleman in front of me. I just looked at where I was and tried to be the best Jay Cutler I could be, rather than the bodybuilder who had to overcome Ronnie Coleman.

      So no matter what I'm up against, it is more of an obstacle trying to overcome Mr. Olympia than for Mr. Olympia to retain his title. I'm now over the hump and I'm at the top of the mountain trying to fight guys off. It's easier from the top to fight down than it is from the bottom to fight up.

    "It's Easier From The Top To Fight Down Than It Is From The Bottom To Fight Up."
      - Jay Cutler On The View From The Top

    [ Q ] Good point. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that if the wolf on top of the hill 'wants the food it is there'. I suppose this underscores your mentality to some extent. Speaking of wolves, there is an extra large one who is predicted my many to be a major threat to your title, Dennis Wolf.

    How big of a threat do you realistically see Dennis and the other top contenders, Dexter Jackson being a major one, being to your Mr. Olympia title?

      [ A ] Dennis Wolf is a huge threat, just like Dexter, and Phil Heath. All these guys are capable. And of course Dennis Wolf is the biggest guy I will be contending with. That's what makes the Dennis Wolf/Jay Cutler comparison so attractive. You have two big guys.

      While Dennis Wolf probably has better lines than Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler out-masses and, when it all comes together, out-conditions Dennis Wolf. What they are trying to compare though is last year, probably Jay Cutler's worst Olympia showing of his career.

      And if you want to sit there and compare pictures, because we didn't get to stand next to each other, that's easy to do. But when they stand us next to each other this year, and he will get a chance because he is a contender because he slides up a couple of spots, then we will have it.

    Jay Cutler Dennis Wolf
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    Jay Cutler & Dennis Wolf At The 2007 Olympia.
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      We will have the comparison that everyone has been anticipating and Dennis will get his shot to take down the champion. Dennis, in time, I think not only has the potential to be Mr. Olympia but one of the biggest and best of all time.

      A lot of people think I criticized Dennis Wolf because I said he didn't worry me and I wasn't nervous about him (directly after the 2007 Olympia), but I didn't get compared with him at the (2007) prejudging so I didn't need to be concerned with him.

      Being in the Mr. Olympia for so many years, I have developed an understanding of who will be a threat and who will not be. Dennis Wolf was not threatening my title at that competition, because he wasn't even compared in the top three guys.

      So when I was referring to his not having it, that was based on him not having been given the shot. And that was not my call. So I was just concerned with the two guys that were placed next to me - Martinez and Dexter Jackson. I knew them and I was the top three, so it was no disrespect to Dennis Wolf.


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      Now this year Dennis had a whole year to prepare, which I had also, and we have seen pictures of each other. People sit there and criticize Jay Cutler's physique and that is easy to do because he has been around for so long and he's not a new face. But I'm the current Mr. Olympia and was second place for four years.

      So, when you look at pictures of Dennis Wolf to decide where he needs to improve, it's only done to determine if he can be better than Jay Cutler. So we can talk about his back and his calves and this and that but it's just the overall balance that is capable of beating me, and that is how you need to look at it.

      Some people think that Dennis' back is better than mine and that shows how subjective it (bodybuilding assessment) is. Obviously he has a smaller waist and a higher lat insertion, which is partly responsible for that.

      Of course I was not at my best last year so you can't even compare that appearance to what will be brought this year. Dennis was very good last year. I don't think he should have won - but he probably should have gotten a shot of standing next to me - but that wasn't the call. This year he gets that chance. Let's just see how it unfolds.

    Who Do You Think Will Be The Top Competition For Jay Cutler This Year?

    Ronnie Coleman
    Dennis Wolf
    Dexter Jackson
    Phil Heath

      I'm looking forward to seeing if he has made the improvements and if he can stand next to me when I'm in my usual great shape. When it comes to Dexter, he is a smaller guy and we obviously have two totally different physiques. He brings superior conditioning, that in a lot of areas I can't match, but in other areas I can. So what you look at is that Dexter Jackson's strong point - his conditioning - is my downfall and that leaves it wide open.

      When it comes to being either on or off for a show, Dexter is never either on or off. The only chance Dexter has in beating me is if I don't show up at my best. It's been shown time after time that Jay Cutler can beat Dexter Jackson except on one occasion and that came down to a conditioning factor, even though I still feel I should have won that show. But it all comes down to conditioning.

      There are a lot of guys and the top five is very tight. Dexter Jackson's right there, Dennis Wolf is he right there, as is Phil Heath. There are about three guys who can walk in.

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    Dexter Jackson At The 2007 Olympia.
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      Victor Martinez is out, but he is another. He pushed me to the limit last year and came within one point. Four points separated us at the end. So if anyone was disappointed it was he, because he was second and I know how second feels four times over. So any of those guys, minus Martinez, are there to collect the Sandow if Jay Cutler is not at his best.

      I'm not getting any gifts. Last year I was not at my best and barely swept by. I think the judges are expecting me to bring a better package this time and if I do come in off or not at my best, even if it is close, they might say, "Jay was off last year and he is off this year," and this gives an advantage to the guy who is running second. And that's why there is a lot pressure and that's why I'm ready for the challenge in four weeks from now.

    Jay Cutler Guests: Dexter Jackson & Jay Cutler
    Date: 04/21/08
    (Radio Show 111) - mp3 (44 MB)

    [ Q ] Do you feel that at this point in your career you have to come in completely off with few visible cuts for anyone to surpass you on the Olympia stage?

      [ A ] I think it's extremely close because of my slip last year. If I won convincingly, like I did in 2006, and distanced myself from the others, I would be in a much better situation at this point. But right now I see the door swinging in both directions and it can either push me forward or it can knock me back down and the title is lost. So it is a very close line now between a lot of these guys and it's going to be a fight between the top competitors in the show.

      Jay Cutler is not a perfect bodybuilder; he has loopholes just like every other bodybuilder. He is not unbeatable and anything can happen. It can be won and lost in one day.

      It doesn't matter how I look today or tomorrow or next week. It's what goes down on the 26th of September. But I will be heavier than last year because I did have some problems toward the end of my prep and I lost too much weight and that is what threw my body through a hoop. I was 259 (pounds) at last year's Mr. Olympia, whereas this year I'll hit stage anywhere from the high 260s to the high 270s.

    Jay Cutler!
    Two-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!
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    Week #113 - 5/20/2008
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      In 2006 I was 274. But I plan to be lighter than 274 this time because my conditioning is pretty ahead of what I have been since 2004 probably.

      Because of my physique I have to weigh-up a lot of things including conditioning and fullness. I'm not blessed with the tiny waist and small joints. I win by freakish size and this combined with conditioning and balance is what wins the show. So I have to weigh-up a lot more factors than guys who have to just come in ripped, and who have the natural structure.

      I have a little more to play with than these other guys; I'm a veteran so I have gotten it all down. But as I said, I'm probably coming in lighter this year compared to '06. This is also because I don't have to worry about a Ronnie Coleman.

      Dennis Wolf will be up there on par with Ronnie Coleman as far and size and height goes, but he doesn't have the depth and muscle maturity that Coleman had so I still feel the tighter package that I bring will do the job.

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      I can go back to old Jay Cutler, which definitely had more balance and less bulkiness, which I did have to change to win against Coleman. So I'm more streamlined now than before but with still a h#ll of a lot of size.

    [ Q ] That's an interesting way of looking at your ability to retain the title. Many sports competitors - bodybuilders included - would say that they will win no matter what, as a way in which to boost their drive and attract success, but you look at this scenario in a seemingly more balanced and realistic manner.

    But is this not a smart move on your part, creating a false sense of security for your competitors to lure them into thinking that they can take it easier on their training because of this conveyance of your own fallibility?

      [ A ] Absolutely not - bodybuilding is science and while I may look spectacular today, this might not be the case in 24 hours before the show. You just play it to the best of your abilities and God willing I will walk away with my third consecutive title. And you have to understand that these guys are trying to get something that I have.

      I'm the titleholder and the highest paid athlete in the sport, the most in-demand guest poser in the country, holder of the most endorsement contracts of anyone and highly recognized as a respected person in this business.

      If you were going to do something wouldn't you want to be the best at what you do? Well I'm right in front of these guys. So they want what I have and if they see an opportunity where they can knock me out then they will do it.

    Jay Cutler
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    They Want What I Have.

      They want to be in my position where they can book these guest-posing appearances. And eventually there comes along a bigger, better more-driven guy; it's just how it naturally evolves. People become complacent.

      I look back on my career - 2001... - and think, how did I suffer like that? Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is what I'm up against and need to go back to that mentality, and that is what I kind of did this year. But I'm not really in that situation anymore.

      I'm living here in Las Vegas and I am the champion and have a lot of other things pulling me in different directions. I'm not just sitting at home looking in the mirror all day and counting calories.

    Jay Cutler
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    I'm The Title Holder.

      I have a lot of business things going on throughout the day that limit me to what I need to be doing the most and that's bodybuilding. But I've kind of cut back to the best of my ability to focus solely on bodybuilding for 16 weeks. I just roll with this though. I love what I do and am a hard worker and I'm driven.

      I see a time for fun and things later on in life. I'm 35 and have sacrificed a lot but I look at the finance part and don't have to think too much about this aspect. The finances are already there; it's now more to set the standard. There is nothing more I can really do to create more for myself; I feel I have done it all. And right now I'm just really driven to win this competition; that's all I really think about.

    Jay Cutler
    Jay Cutler
    The New Reigning Mr. Olympia!
    Photo By SecondFocus.
    Week #30 - 10/03/2006
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    [ Q ] You have shown tremendous drive and determination through persisting in the face of four consecutive second-place Mr. Olympia finishes to Ronnie Coleman. What other characteristics separate a champion from the average competitor in your view?

      [ A ] Well, I have the experience now and that is the most important thing. I have the fan following and have been around for quite some time; have been popular in the magazines since age 22. The game recognizes the name Jay Cutler.

      I have been a leader for a long time and have been very consistent in my competition placements. That makes me a respected champion. Everyone knows I'm one of the top businessmen, one of the sport's highest earners.

      The reason I am in this position is because I have worked very hard, not only to be a great bodybuilder but also a business person and representative for the NPC and IFBB over the years, and always try to do the right thing and bring a positive image to the sport of bodybuilding.

    Jay Cutler Appreciation.
    [ Click To Join The Thread. ]
    Jay Cutler Appreciation.
    One of the best ambassadors for the sport today and by far one of the hardest working and nicest guys out.
    Started By:

    [ Q ] At your age of 35 it is within the realms of possibility that you could continue competing until you capture a record number of titles. Should you win in 2008, will you contest the 2009 Mr. Olympia before ultimately aiming for a record of nine victories in the years to follow?

      [ A ] I'm just trying to get to the 2008 Mr. Olympia right now. I would highly consider competing once again (in 2009) once I have regrouped. I just really have a hard time picturing myself past September 27 because this has been my whole goal for the one year.

      I've thought only one year ahead because of the competition, and will be a whole new person come September 27, after the show, at which point I can start thinking about what the future can bring.

      I love what I do and am far from being burned out or basically washed up. I still feel I have a lot of gas left in my tank to do whatever I decide to do. Whether that will be to compete or not will be decided next year.

      If everything holds up, there is always consideration to do whatever. People are always asking me if I will go for eight titles and I always laugh and say, "No way!" I planned to be retired at 34, ten years ago, and I'm now 35 so I'm done making predictions about when things are going to happen.

      You just reach a certain point in your life where some things are more important than others and right now nothing is more important than wining the third title. I was happy to get the first and the second. Winning the third will be like icing on the cake. If I decide to go for four, either I'm crazy or I'm on the best ride of my life.

    "If I Decide To Go For Four, Either I'm Crazy Or I'm On The Best Ride Of My Life."
      - Jay Cutler On A Potential Fourth Mr. Olympia Title.

    [ Q ] Some insiders and fans were quite critical of your 2007 Mr. Olympia win, as, as you yourself have said, you were not at your best. As an elite athlete, how do you deal with such criticism?

      [ A ] I took it in stride. I understood the situation and addressed it in my victory speech. I was still good enough to win and I truly feel that I was. There have been a lot of times when I thought I should have won the Mr. Olympia title and I didn't, like in 2001. My only other option (for 2007) was not to compete in the competition.

      So was it better for me to pull out of the competition or do I go in there because I feel I'm good enough to win and collect another title? People have to put themselves in my position and have to understand the way that I addressed it. And I still get disrespected as if it was some political or behind the scenes sponsorship thing and I can understand people's theories and we all try to create conspiracies behind everything.

      It's easy to point fingers, but in the end I just continue to do what I do and I know what I'm capable of. I established myself as the champion for a reason and I'm just using it (the 2007 Olympia) as motivation to come back stronger this year and show the world why I am the titleholder.

    Did Jay Cutler Deserve To Win In 2007?


      In 2007, granted I was a lot better Saturday night compared to Friday night, so whereas he ( Victor Martinez) crept up on me and brought the scores closer, I was able to slam the door shut on Saturday night with overall size and balance and enough conditioning.

      Victor Martinez is a great bodybuilder with great balance, round muscles. Not as big as me, but again, probably better lines - I'm a realist. But I had a lot of muscle and enough condition to overpower a guy who is missing no body parts and my physique won.

      Now, controversially, Victor looked the same on Friday and Saturday and I didn't look as good on Friday, but extremely good on Saturday. And that was enough to pull off the win.

      If I came like I did on Friday night I probably wouldn't have won the show. A two-day competition always works to my advantage because I'm always better on one or the other days and, more than likely, this is the second day. I always look better at night.

      When I wake up in the morning I don't look as good. Throughout the day I tend to get better. So this year when I hit the 9:00 p.m. showing I will have the biggest advantage out of anyone. For 2007 I wasn't eating on Friday, but did (eat) on Saturday and that's what allowed me to look better; I was flatter on Friday and fuller on Saturday and, of course, that's what gave me better conditioning on Saturday.

    Jay Cutler Jay Cutler
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    Jay Cutler At The 2007 Olympia:
    Prejudging (Left) & Finals (Right).

    View More Pics Of Jay Cutler From The 2007 Olympia.

      For me, sitting under those lights on Friday night and getting back under them on Saturday with less nerves and knowing where I stand, it's a lot easier for me to pull a better conditioning on the second night. But I'm a realist.

      I'm not going to sit here and say that I will weigh this much and so on. I have no idea what I'm going to look like come this Olympia besides being at my winning best. That's all I care about. You hear this every year from every guy.

      It's funny how every guy's weak body parts are supposed to be improved for the next year. So I'm not going to sit here and say, "My upper chest is going to be fuller and my arms are going to be bigger." I'm not going to play that game. I'm just telling you what I see at this point. Now I am in the right position to win.

      If you called me today and said, "You need to be at the Orleans Arena tonight at 8 o'clock," I will win the show today. I don't care who shows up. That's how close to being ready I am. I'm within striking distance and striking distance for me is a dangerous place for a lot of guys.


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    [ Q ] At five feet nine inches tall and over 270 pounds you are, to my understanding, quite athletic and address, through your training, the many fitness components responsible for a well conditioned, high performing physique.

    Is it a myth that someone of your size is limited in what they can do athletically, as was reported about you in FHM Magazine a few years back, that they are just "musclebound"?

      [ A ] People don't know much about my background, but I was one of the most athletic kids growing up in school and I excelled in sports. I'm still very good on my feet considering what I weigh. There are a lot of things I can still do. I don't allow myself to do certain things because of contracts and risk of injury, but when it is all over there is a lot I can be rather than strictly a bodybuilder.

      I'm known for my freakish size, but bodybuilding isn't what I plan to do for the rest of my life. I have an open mind and always try to take in advice from others. I want to have fun, at the same time as doing my job as a bodybuilder. Sometimes just banging the weights isn't the best thing for me so I try to structure a life outside of the gym.

      Everyone enjoys reading or going to the movies or whatever, but I'm trying to do things that help me with my career, but which also are fun and this is why I include other things in my training regime. And FHM did a spread on me that was little outrageous. It was more of an entertainment piece that made it appear I was just a miserable guy carrying around a lot of body mass. That's the way the article was written, not the way it was in reality.

    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    I'm Known For My Freakish Size.

      When someone asks you, "Okay Jay, what do you do all day?" And I answer, "Okay let's see. I train four times a day and eat seven meals, I'm five feet nine and I weigh 300 pounds," people's perceptions of that are going to be, "Well, what the h#ll else do you do?" And at the time I had just got done competing at the '04 Arnold Classic, which I had dieted very hard for, during which time I ate five pounds of fish a day, and at that point I was burned out.

      Then you do an interview and they ask, "How much do you eat?" And I say, "Five pounds of fish a day." Their jaw then drops to the floor and they can't fathom that this is what you do. It's so far out of the norm that that they want to create a piece that just flips people's minds to sell the magazines. That's what they do: it's all hype.

      Like with this year's Olympia: they like to create hype and controversy between Dexter Jackson and myself. And for years people thought Ronnie Coleman and I were enemies. They pinned us against each other and we picked apart each other's bodies and we were quoted as saying, "He's not going to beat me this year." But magazines and articles and interviews are all controversy.

      Controversy is what keeps people reading. You want to ask me questions about Dennis Wolf and what happened at last year's Mr. Olympia, that Dennis should have beaten Jay and Jay didn't look that good. We touched upon these areas in this interview and obviously there is a reason for that. That's what keeps people interested and people want to hear what Jay has to say. And I don't run from the facts.

    Jay Cutler
    Jay Cutler
    2007 Mr. Olympia!

    Week #82 - 10/09/2007
    1600x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 800x600
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      I'm not going to sit there and say the politically correct things and the things people want to hear and deny how I feel. I told you how I feel; I'm very threatened by all of these guys and Dennis Wolf is an awesome bodybuilder.

      People misread a lot of things I have said about a lot of issues because of the way I was interviewed directly after the show. There are just a lot of different things that come out in time. But I'm not afraid to compete against anyone; I've competed against the best.

      I competed against Ronnie Coleman for many years. Do you think I'm scared of competing against anyone after competing against that monster for years?

    [ Q ] Very compelling argument. As most of us know, competing at your level involves a tremendous amount of sacrifice. From your perspective, just what are the realties for someone at the pro level as far as sacrifices needing to be made and the balancing of such a strict lifestyle?

      [ A ] You have to be willing to sacrifice everything in your life and you have to have your life in a very solid structure. Fortunately I was married very early and have been with the same girl since I was 16, and that has given me a very strong background. She's in her career and I'm in mine, but together we work as one. She has helped me with a lot of things as I have helped her. It's given me a very structured lifestyle and I'm not out late at night.

      I live in the craziest city in the world but don't go out; I just treat everything like a business. Some people call it a boring lifestyle, but it's not so boring if you are here living like I am and living the dream I have had since I was 12 years old: to be a successful bodybuilder.

      Over time I've kind of adapted to a more relaxed way of life. I hate to say relaxed because people get the wrong idea and Jay Cutler is far from relaxed about his lifestyle.

    Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
    I've Adapted To A More Relaxed Way Of Life.

      It's become a routine for me. So where most people can't imagine waking up and cracking 15 to 20 egg whites in the morning, it's routine for us. It's not even something you think about; it's just like brushing your teeth, picking an outfit to wear, putting on your tie and heading out to the office. That's what it's like. But we don't really talk much about bodybuilding at home.

      You look around my house and unless you went into my office and saw all of my memorabilia, you wouldn't know a professional bodybuilder lived there. It can be hard.

      How much did I win at the Olympia these last couple of years? 150-160 (thousand) - Yes that would be my food bill for the year (laughs). I go to Costco every week or two. I eat five pounds of fish every day now - 35 pounds of fish a week - and it is nine bucks a pound. So I don't like to sit there and break down what my expenses are because I don't want to get depressed.

    Working Out With 2006 Mr. O Jay Cutler!
    [ Click here to learn more. ]
    Working Out With 2006 Mr. O Jay Cutler!
    I was at the Junior California NPC competition in Pasadena CA on Saturday. Jay was in town... Here is my experience of working out with Mr. O Jay Cutler.

      It does get old, cooking seven to eight meals a day, but Kerry does help me out here, and I do hire a chef at certain points of the year when I'm traveling a lot, which I will have stored in my refrigerator and will take as I go. But it does get pretty hectic when I'm on the road five out seven days of the week.

      Sometimes you have to go out and let loose. I go out a couple of times a year and have a few too many drinks and get a little so-called stupid, but it's fine. Sometimes we need that break every once and a while. Hopefully after this show I will be a little buzzed; I'll have a few beers. That's the plan: it's always Miller Time after the Mr. Olympia.

    [ Q ] Let's hope it will be a celebratory drink for you Jay. Thank you so much for your time in doing this interview. You are a great champion and wishes you the best of luck for your upcoming Olympia title defense. Do you have any final words?

      [ A ] I just want to thank everyone including of course you guys and all my sponsors, including MuscleTech, AMI, the IFBB and NPC. Joe Weider I have to thank every time because he is the one that made this all happen for me. I'd like to also thank all of the fans from all over the world the read the Internet and support the magazines.

      I'm going to do my best to bring the best Jay Cutler displayed yet in a few weeks and I hope this interview has cleared up some of the negatives that might have appeared throughout the year about last year's show and that it will hopefully create more positives.

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