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Being A Champion.

My goal, as many of you who read my articles know, is to be a freak and a champion.Do something today to make yourself a CHAMPION! Listen to what Jason has to say on becomming a champion!

Everyday when I open my eyes from a restful night of sleeping the first thing I tell myself is: "Do something today to make yourself a champion!" And I hold myself to it all day long until I climb back in bed later that night. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is something that will help you take a step forward.

Because everyday you NEVER stay the same, you either move forward and backwards down the path of achieving your goals; and I hope it's forwards. Although sometimes it is beneficial to take a step back to recuperate and get some momentum, but that discussion comes later.

My goal, as many of you who read my articles know, is to be a freak and a champion. I want to be the best there is. The trick to this saying that I use everyday is that I always do everything like a champion, but I never settle and say that's it for the day. I try to top it as the day moves on, and as the days move on.

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Do Something Today To Make Yourself A Champion.

For instance, in the morning when I hear what the dining hall is serving for breakfast and it is one of my favorite meals, I get all excited about how good that would taste sliding down into my stomach. But then I ask myself "Is eating that type of food going to help me achieve my goals?"

Usually the answer is no, so I don't do it. I reach underneath my sink and pull out my big bucket of unflavored Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate and unflavored Maltodextrin and mix up a nice tasty shake. I feel the first meal should be a superior quality protein to get things moving in the right direction. So I suck that down with all my effort and press on through the day.

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Every meal I make sure that it is going to help me achieve my goals. When I am starving and thinking about having extra, I ask myself the same question and when the answer is no again I don't do it. I suck it up and act like a man, a champion. When it comes to the gym I try my damn hardest to be a champion.

I try to work harder than the day before or do more weight with the same exercise of the routine that preceded. Before every set I tell myself to be a champion, every extra rep is in pursuit of a championship. When the workout is over, I stretch like a champion, then flex like a champion. Eating my meals and doing my homework that night, like a champion.

Achieving your goals is not done on a daily basis, and it won't happen over night. You can't be a champion just because you buckle down for one day and do everything like a champion. Everything you do has to be done the best way you can do it. Never settle for mediocrity.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, if you want to be a champion there is a little secret on how to get there; Do everything all the time like a champion. If you are going to cheat on your diet, cheat like a champion. That way you will realize what a mistake it was and never want to do it again.

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If You're Going To Cheat On Your
Diet, Cheat Like A Champion.

Reminds of a speech by Vince Lombardi I heard once that starts out like this: "Winning is an all the time thing, not a sometimes thing." There are no shortcuts, you can't do it once in a while. Be a champion all the time.

Vince Lombardi
Vincent Lombardi was an American football coach. He was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL from 1959-67, winning five league championships during his 9 years

Even when you are alone, you aren't doing all that hard work in the gym for someone else. You aren't eating chicken and rice/oatmeal every meal for someone else. So remember when you slip, you aren't slipping someone else, you are only slipping yourself.

I hold myself to a standard above, all the time. When I go out on the weekends to a bar with my friends or out to dinner, I make a decision on what I am doing that night. I try to always eat before I go out and bring a meal with me so incase I do get hungry later I have something.


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The 4 Accounta-Buddies!
Making the wrong decisions can change your life! This is all too true when dealing with your nutrition and can make your efforts counterproductive.
Kris Gethin

When I drink, I try to limit it to only a few. Weekends are the hardest time to stay commited and clean because I don't have a set schedule like I do during the week. But I always try my best, why: because I want to be a champion. And remember to be one, you have to act like one all the time.

I hope this article will help some of you make that last step towards perfection. There is nothing more rewarding than busting your @ss and seeing results in the mirror. I remember there was a time when I looked in the mirror and said "I will never get this fat off, there is too much". But now I say, "Well, only a little to go. Wow I can't believe it."