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Everyone Has A Leg Routine!

This site has been getting bombarded with leg routine articles, so I decided I would write one. The one that I am currently doing which are turning my legs into two bulldozers that make people jump out of the way in terror that I might run over them...

This site has been getting bombarded with leg routine articles, so I decided I would write one. The one that I am currently doing which are turning my legs into bulldozers that make people jump out of the way in terror that I might run over them.

Before I begin the workout routine, let me clear up a few things. Some people say that the legs are the biggest muscle group so they need to be trained with more sets and etc. I don't understand that at all, because after 2 working sets of squats I am about ready to give up and call it quits.

I am breathing hard, my body hurts and my legs are engulfed with nutrient dense blood. On the other hand, some people say that you only need to do a couple sets for them cause they are worked all the time and need lots of time to rest and recover. But I just feel like I am cheating myself if I only get in 8 sets or so.

So I don't know what to tell you except that everything is different for everybody. No one eats the same, supplements the same, sleeps the same or does anything the same. Thus, training techniques are going to vary from person to person, you just have to find out what works for you. Patience pays off.

Luckily, I have found what works for me right now according to my diet and supplementation (which was all described in earlier articles).


Quads, to me, are the staple of a good physique that is balanced and powerful. So I take them seriously and always train them first in the rotation, for two reasons:

  1. I am fresh from the weekend, ready to go with a good attitude.
  2. It makes every other workout of the week seem easy.

So come Monday I strap it on grab my sack and me and my partner head down to the dungeon. We get there and get our stuff all ready, we usually start with some calve raises while we are stretching the quads and getting mentally prepared for the beating.

But you know what, it really isn't a beating anymore because every week I see improvement in my legs and that makes it easier to want to lift them. After the raises we are warmed up and stretched out.

Leg Extensions:

    During these summer months we normally start with extensions, heavy as sh!t.

    Feels like we have the orca twins sitting on each leg as we come up with our toes pointed at us and watch our quads explode as they flex and tighten. We crank out 8-10 reps as hard as we can for usually 5 sets, with lots of stretching and flexing in between to get them red hot and blazing with veins.

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Leg Extensions.
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Smith Machine Squat:

    After these grueling sets we like to roll over to the smith machine, call me a puss if you want but just listen to this. We toss on a couple 45's and do front squats with this apparatus. I like using this for balance and isolation. I like to really tax the muscle right up front and save nothing for later.

    Anyway, I use a pretty close stance with my feet not too far out in front so that my knees do bend forward a little. This helps me use that muscle that flaps over my knee to bring myself up, I can really feel this. Usually 4-5 sets, the first 3 sets of 10 the last 1-2 of 8.

    Real heavy and super ass deep. My ass touched my ankles, I like to get all the way down on these, I mean all the way.

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Smith Machine Squat.
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    After this we cruise down to the dungeon and start doing regular squats, heavy. Eye-bleeding heavy.

    Usually 4 sets of 6 with as much as we can pack on. The difference here is that we don't go ass to the floor, just right at parallel and up. This takes out using the hams and glutes too much and really focuses on just the quads.

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Keeping It Interesting:

    That's it, 12-15 sets for legs is all we do. But goddamn it we are intense as sh!t; there is no screwing around on these days. Sometimes we vary this up a bit and will do regular squats first, leg press instead of regular squats, vertical leg press instead of smith machine fronts, lunges in place of something, whatever.

    Something to keep it interesting you know. Remember though, that the bottom line is that we go heavy and hard. Slow controlled reps to ensure we are feeling every fiber get in on the action so that everything grows like a champion.

    After the legs have finished we spent about 5-10 minutes stretching them out and catching our breath before we move onto triceps. Then after triceps and after I drink my shake I usually jump on the stair master for a little cardio and some additional carving up of the quads. After that I spend another 15 minutes stretching them out even more, I obviously think it is crucial to stretch them out.


Come Thursday we do hamstrings, with back and triceps again. Our hamstring workout is very light as we know they are getting hammered pretty good with quads. So we do 2 sets of stiff legged dead lifts, 2 sets of seated or standing curls, and finish with 2 sets of high foot-placement leg press. This gets into a little quad area also, but I really think touching them up like that a couple days later has made a huge difference in our growth and gains in strength.


Anyway, that's my summer quad busting routine. Come wintertime again when it is about tossing on slabs of clay, I will write about that.

I hope everyone out there is achieving their fitness goals they have set. Remember, to be a champion you have to do everything like a champion...everything.

Be a freak,