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What I Am Doing Right Now.

Hey everyone, summer is just around the corner and I hope you are all transitioning into your summer look as you want to.

Hey everyone, summer is just around the corner and I hope you are all transitioning into your summer look as you want to. I have finished up my first phase of my summer transition two weeks ago and am heading strong into the second.

Phase One

My first phase was to strip away all the fat I put on over the winter months while I was bulking up and putting on mad mass. I started taking the fat off January 1st of this year.

My program entailed taking in less calories and eating cleaner foods. I stayed with chicken, beef, fish and eggs. My carbs came from anything low fat: breads, pastas, whatever.

I did a split session of workouts, for example Monday morning I would do light back and forearms and in the afternoon was heavy quads and triceps. I hardly did any cardio as I was trying to keep the hard earned mass I put on.

My workouts were quicker paced and the reps were high. I took off about 30 pounds in three months slowly. I was happy with the way it went, it was a good lead into phase two for summer shape up.

Phase Two

I started phase two Monday the 2nd of April. My diet solely consists of chicken, rice, oatmeal and fish. I cut out ALL processed foods that have sugar and flour in them (hopefully you have read my article on that).

Rice and Oatmeal are my only two sources of carbs from whole foods. I mix a carbohydrate called Maltofern in with my shakes in the morning and after I work out.

Now that I have most of the fat off my morning regimen has moved to mainly light and brisk cardio, abs, forearms and lots of hard flexing and stretching. My workouts in the afternoon are slower paced and heavier with lower reps 6-10 but mainly sets of 8. Hitting the basics again and trying to get some thickness going.

I do cardio shortly and briskly after my workout every once in a while if I think I need it. But I rely mainly on my strict diet to lose the excess fat for super cuts. I have upped the number of sets from 9 to 12 also. Taking reps slower and focusing more.

So far things are going well and I have a goal to be looking sharp in 7 weeks.


Right now I am drinking 1.5 gallons of water AT THE LEAST. I try to get 8 ounces every 30 minutes. It is kind of a pain to have to go to the bathroom every second, but its worth it.

My first meal is a shake after I do my morning regimen at 6:20.

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My second and third meals will be a chicken breast and 1/4-1/2 cup of rice or oatmeal. If I don't lift after my third meal my fourth will be the same.

I like to eat about 30 minutes before I train. Right after I workout I have a shake and about an hour afterwards I have another small one. This shake is different however, different proteins and different carbs. This is the only time I take in a sugar is in my shakes.

Then it's back to chicken and rice for dinner. I cut out the eggs because of the sodium and I really can't get fish that often because of school. I have eliminated all sodium that I possibly can but chicken is doing fine.



I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror flexing and posing trying to bring out some cuts and make my muscles harder. That has helped out a lot.

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It is rough sometimes staying away form processed foods but it is a must if I want to keep shedding fat with minimal cardio (for now!!).

This weekend I went to a restaurant with some friends for a little dinner party and all they served there was pastas, breads and salads. So I couldn't eat, luckily I planned ahead and ate before I went.

I don't have to give up times like that I just have to be careful about it. I grabbed a beer to sip on (I know, I know, empty calories but I am not training for a show right now and I am still young). It took some discipline.

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However, what also made it easier is that the people I was with knew I don't eat that stuff so they didn't expect me to, and I can't let them down, you know. That has been a big factor in my success, the expectations of other people.

I will write about phase three when I get it finalized and tweaked out in the next 7 weeks. I hope that fellow writer and big man on campus Phano Paul Som did well at his show this weekend.

I also have some friends back home in Michigan that were competing in a power-lifting meet and I hope they did well. And again another friend doing a series of shows that started this weekend in Traverse City Michigan. I saw him a week out from it and he looked ready. So I hope everyone did well. And I hope all of you are achieving your goals.

Work hard, be a freak.
Jason B