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Mount Saint Trap!

Who here wants freaky traps? The kind that stick up past your head, the kind that make you look like you are wearing a neck roll and just got signed by the Broncos, the just straight freaky-ass traps!

Who here wants freaky traps. The kind that stick up past your head, the kind that make you look like you are wearing a neck roll and just got signed by the Broncos, the just straight freaky-ass traps. I know I do.

I like to have my shirt rest on top of them, it creates an awesome separation for my delts and makes them look bigger also. It helps add to that V taper, and makes you look like a savage iron eating beast that no human dare f!#k with.

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Anatomy Of The Traps.

Deadlifts From The Rack

Well lets get started on them. I recently started doing an exercise a couple weeks ago on back days that really brought my traps out. I mean these things look like Pikes Peak without the donut shop on top.

I had two guys come up to me in the mall dressed in all terrain hiking gear, ropes, picks and all that asking me if they could climb up my traps. I didn't have anything to do so I let them, 6 hours later when they were only half way I told them I needed to go.

Anyway, about the exercise. Deadlifts from the rack, you know what I mean. Get a squat power rack and set the pins so they are just about 1-2 inches below the knee, load up that bar with 45's, 35's, Volkswagens, small children and your mother-in-law if you want.

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Power Rack Deadlifts.

Power Rack Deadlifts Video Guide:

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Break out some wrist straps and tie in. Go hands about shoulder width or a little wider. Now, pull that b*tch up like the top part of a deadlift and let your arms totally hang down. Squeeze your back out and set it back down. Repeat as needed until desired results are achieved. This movement is no joke, bring a lunch. This is especially for people who train traps on back days.

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Finish The Sculpting Out

My other two favorite exercises are shrug variations. First, shrugs on the T-bar machine. That's right, wow what a feeling this is. Learn to do it right and your traps stick out the back like your uncle Dick smoking at a funeral. This is a crazy movement.

Then I like to go to DB shrugs, sometimes I do them one side at a time. And every once in a while when I am feeling spontaneous I do them with a low cable pulley machine. I like to turn my head away for an extra effect.

Some sets I go heavier than that lady that always sits outside Dairy Queen, then on the sets after I go light for 20-25 reps to force as much nutrient filled blood in there as I can. The point is, train like a freak, become a freak.


I am sure some of you have noticed that my articles aren't to instructional anymore. I feel that most of you know how to do things, and everyone else writes about instruction.

I like to write about tricks that help me become a freak of nature, and motivational items. If anyone would like my instruction on a particular movement please email me. I also would like suggestions about some articles you would like to see published by me. So let me know.

I would also like to congratulate my parents on this page, they both have kicked the 30 year nasty habit of smoking. They have been smoke free since Christmas. I am very proud of them.