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You are strolling through the mall with your two fully packed and chiseled pecs that bulge through your double X shirt that is still tight up top.

Your shirt: Size XXL
Your jeans: Waist 34
Your chest: The biggest thing on earth anyone has seen.

You are strolling through the mall with your two fully packed and chiseled pecs that bulge through your double X shirt that is still tight up top. Everybody's girlfriend spills their grape slushy on their boyfriend's brand new white dance club pants. Mothers of all ages hold their box of shopping popcorn up to their own chests to hide the embarrassment of two stiff soldiers waking up to revile.

Men of your age turn and run into the nearest ladies room to restore their dignity.Children hide in terror and ask their parents "What is that freak, and how did he get that way!" With no help from the parents the child is left to wonder for the rest of his ages.

The Gym Rat

However, I will fill you in on the details, he is a gym rat that spends his time pounding out presses and his allowance on high quality whey protein isolate drinks, sleeps 15 hours and day and lets his chest grow like a ravage beast from the dark ages that only a spell from a magical knight could put back into his tomb. But where is this knight to put away this monster? You crushed him with a flex of your pecs.

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What Did This Animal Do In The Gym?

    Good Question.

    Chest development is a critical part of all bodybuilders' physique's (yea I know everyone has read this before, but you have been to this page before-so why are you back. Read on). Too many people put ego in front of form and proper execution of chest movements. This is your problem.

    I am not going to preach about form and how to do it right, because I know people that read this already know how to do it right. Its just that the fat bastard next to you has 2 more plates than you do, and you don't want to look silly in front of that hot chick who just won the local fitness competition. Well, let me ask you this.

    Do you think that girl will want to see:

    1. A big fat hairy guy who presses 315 for reps with ease, then gets up from the bench sopping wet with pig sweat only to have two size 66EE large cup breasts flap all over the place uncontrollably almost knocking down everyone within fifteen feet of him.

    2. A thick and ripped handsome duke of the gym get up from doing 6 reps with 185 from the bench and have his pectorals that are cut up like an old magazine with a great tie in with the front delt and also include a great undercut that all winning fitness competitors love.

      • If you guessed are dead ass wrong and no longer have the privilege of reading this, or any of my other articles.

        If you guessed are on your way to complete Zen.


Here are my tips on achieving greatness in the breast area:

1. Do More Decline Work:

    Studies with those electrical nodes attached to the chest have proven that decline work stimulates more chest fibers and contributes to overall growth more than incline or flat. Doing decline will also push up your whole chest and make it look totally awesome. Get on it.

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Decline Bench Press.
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2. Go Heavy, But Use Great Form:

    Something I focus on when doing barbell presses is not just moving the weight up, but moving my hands closer together. This really helps to hit all the fibers. You can't do as much weight, but look up to the quiz I gave you earlier.

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Close-Grip Bench Press.
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3. Flex & Stretch:

    Flex and stretch between all your sets, get blood in there to deliver nutrients. Stretch it to elongate the fibers and make it look thick and full.

4. Utilize all angles of attack:

    I know I said do more declines, that should be the majority. I also suggest taking down the number of sets on a specific exercise and do more exercises. 2-3 of each for a total of 9-14 total sets. To fully develop your chest, like your back, attack from all angles and variations.


These are my suggestions for an awesome looking chest. If anyone has questions about anything shoot them and I will block them with an answer, and shoot them back.

Parting words: Be a freak, be a champion.