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Getting Big While Creating As Much Striation As Possible!

Prepare to make incredible gains!

Hello, I want to work 5 days a week up to 120 minutes, incorporate aerobic work, and I need to concentrate on weak points like legs and abs.

My current program:
Day 1
5 back exercises
5 chest
5 biceps
5 calfs

Day 2
5 delts
5 tri's
5 thighs, includes hams
5 abs

wed off

I try to constantly change up the types of exercises I do.
repeat day 1 on Thursday
repeat day 2 on Friday
sets of 10 reps

Also, when is the best time to take protein supplements?

Thanks for your help!

Here is how this works. This is more of a summer get big plan, while creating as much definition and striation as possible.

It is a two week rotation so pay close attention.

Mon1: Chest, Biceps Mon2: Chest, Triceps
Tues1: Quads, Calves Tues2: Quads, Biceps
Wed1: 45 minutes of cardio, abs Wed2: 45 minutes of cardio, abs
Thurs1: Traps, Delts, Triceps Thurs2: Traps, Delts, calves
Fri1: Back, Hamstrings, Biceps Fri2: Back, Hamstrings, Triceps
Sat1: 45 minutes of cardio, abs, calves Sat2: 45 minutes of cardio, abs

Here are a couple rules to follow for your summer prep.

  1. Never ever miss a workout, always do at least something for the body part you are supposed to be working.
  2. Always never go any longer than 3 hours for taking in a meal balanced in low amounts of complex carbohydrate and high in high BV protein
  3. Try to do all your cardio on as much of an empty stomach as possible. Feel free to add in AT LEAST one other 45 minute cardio session at any time.
  4. On all sets, squeeze out every rep as if that was the one that will make the difference in your goals, every rep. Squeeze for at least a second.
For the workouts:
Some muscles are bigger than others proportionally, which means they require different types of training.

-Emphasize working more the upper chest than the middle. Try to use dumbbells evenly with barbells. Try to do all your incline work on a incline that is no more than 35 degrees. Be sure to roll your shoulders back and down and focus on using the muscles to move the weight. On some sets come to a full lock out and on others come just short of it. But be sure to squeeze real hard.


  • Try to do 4 exercises with 4-5 sets per.
  • A good routine to work with is:
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 4x8
  • Decline Barbell Press 4x12
  • Flat Dumbbell Press 4x10
  • Incline Flyes, Palm Pec Deck, Cable Cross Overs 4x12-15

    Mix this up and use different exercises. Interchange the Barbell for the Dumbbell. Change the rep scheme and the set scheme a lot. Never do the same thing twice.

    -Focus on totally annihilating the muscle. Stick to Basic mass building movements, no offense but you need to build large amounts of the muscle before you can form a mountainous peak. Always squeeze every rep hard. Don't swing with your body. USE JUST YOUR ARM


  • The way it is set up, it is best to do 4 exercises 3 set instead of four
  • A good routine will have some straight bar curl, dumbbell curl and a cable curl.
  • Standing Barbell curls 3x10
  • Seated Dumbbell curls 3x8
  • Hammer curls 3x6-8
  • Cable Preacher curls 3x10-12
  • Again, mix everything up as much as possible.

    Delts and Traps
    -These two muscles need one another to look their best. I usually start with traps in my routine. With delts it is imperative to work all three heads of it. Really emphasize the side delt. You get a lot of work with the front from chest work and a lot rear delt from back routines. You don't need to use super heavy weights, proper form and technique are crucial. Isolate the muscle as much as possible. The trick to developing muscular and striated delts is to get as much blood in them as fast as possible and hold it there for an extended period of time. Cut down the rest time between sets, and squeeze out every rep.


  • dumbbell shrugs 4x10
  • Barbell Shrugs 4x8
  • T-bar Shrugs 4x6-8
  • One arm cable shrugs 4x12
  • Upright Rows with a wide grip 4x12
  • Rear laterals 4x12-15
  • Dumbbell Press 4x8-10
  • Side laterals 4x10-12

    Change this up a lot, substitute front raises, barbell military press, cable laterals, sometimes use one arm laterals. Change all the schemes up as much as possible.

    -The triceps should be real easy to train. You just need to hit both sides of them. Be sure to keep your elbows in tight sometimes mixed up with elbows out wide. It is important to train just the triceps when working them. Do not get conned into using your front delts, pecs or abs to move the weight. Always use a good full range of motion.


  • The triceps make up 2/3's of the upper arm, there fore they need to be worked a little more.
  • Close Grip Bench Press 4x6 (focus on using the Tri's on this and not your chest)
  • Weighted dips 4x8
  • French Press (skull crushers, use the decline every once in a while) 4x10-12
  • Dumbbell over head extensions 4x10
  • Cable over head extensions 4x12
  • Cable press downs 4x12-15
  • Kick backs 4x12

    Pick four of these exercises and perform 4 sets. I would do the close grip presses on Thurs1 and the weighted dips on Mon2.

    -The back is the foundation to any great upper body. It is so big and vast that it needs to be attack by all angles and sides. The thing that a lot of lifters do not know, is that the key to developing a back bigger than the Dakotas and nastier than the badlands is done by rowing, and rowing and rowing. The back requires great thickness before it can be spread out like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is imperative to perform all exercises strict and only use your back muscles to get the weight to move, not your biceps or forearms. Focus on pulling using the elbows as the functional joint and contracting the back as much as possible. A full range of motion is required.


  • Remember it is important to row your way to a dynamic back.
  • A good routine to follow, with added variations and order changes
  • Wide Grip Chins 4x12
  • T-bar rows using a variety of hand positions 4x12-15
  • Bent over Rows 4x10-12
  • Seated Low Rows 4x10
  • Seated High close grip pull downs 4x12-15
  • Anti Gravity machine wide grip chins 4xfailure

    This seems like a lot but the first WGC's are used as a warm up and the bent over rows are used as a loosener upper for the further exercises. Be sure to stretch and flex your back in between all sets. Stretching is crucial to back development.

    -Hamstrings are simple to train. Never neglect them, with out their support you will never develop a great pair of quads and you won't be able to support your back on its movements.

    -Exercises associated are:

  • Extensions on the hyper extension machine, use just your hamstrings for it 4x10
  • Seated leg curls 4x15,12,10,10
  • Stiff Legged Deadlifts 4x10
  • Standing Leg curls 4x8-10
  • High Foot placed Leg Press 4x6

    Pick 3 to 4 of these exercises and really get after them. Isolation is the key on these.

    -Strap it on son , training quads is no joke. This will be the workout that will be dreaded. As soon as you finish training them you will say "damn I have to do it again next week." A lot of people call in sick on quad day, don't be a pussy-somebody has to do it. Quads grow easy if trained properly, but training them properly is tough. If you don't puke and/or pass out while training quads then it is not done properly. All reps should move through a complete range of motion and be squeezed at the top. You should push through the heels on all movements. You should hate everyone else in the gym on quad day because they are not training quads. But like I said, someone has to do it!!


  • Leg Extensions 3x20 (warm up)
  • Deep full squats 4x13-15
  • Heavy leg press 4x8-10
  • One legged squats 3x10
  • Leg extensions 3x12

    Mix in some front squats. Change your foot placement on pretty much every set. Change the rep scheme up a lot. Once in a while do two good warm ups for squats, then grab a good weight and crank out 25 reps. Just train these hard and watch them grow.

    REMEMBER: 70% of your desired gains comes from nutrition. Every meal should have protein and carbs in it. Keep the dairy low but get a least two glasses of milk in a day (calcium). As your training progresses it would be beneficial to add a more dynamic supplementation program to your nutrition. Train Smart and Grow.