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Jamie Eason's Post-Pregnancy Trainer Recipes

Looking for delicious, nutritious recipes to make after the birth of your baby—or any time in life? From sweet pancakes to savory sauces, Jamie Eason has exactly what you need!

If fitness were a house, nutrition would definitely be the foundation! You can't out-train a poor diet, and you need proper nutrition to garner the full benefits of your workouts. To make sure you're off to a solid start—especially after the birth of a new baby or any time after your pregnancy—Jamie Eason is her with some of her favorite recipes.

Get ready to turn your kitchen into a prep room for wholesome food for you and your entire family! From breakfast sausage to lunchtime salad and healthy condiments, these recipes are sure to provide you with a solid Rolodex of good-for-you food.

Post-Pregnancy Recipes

Jamie's Turkey Breakfast Sausage

Meat patties can be a great addition to any morning meal. Learn how to make them from scratch with all of the protein and much less fat.

Jamie's Thai Peanut Sauce

Spice up your sauce with this recipe that calls for garlic, soy sauce, limes, and a peanut protein punch!

Jamie's Pumped-up Pancakes

Wake up to a short stack of piping-hot, protein-packed flapjacks with this delicious recipe!

Jamie's Turkey Salad

Turkey salad is a great, protein-rich dish to help fuel your day. This recipe cuts the fat but keeps the creamy goodness of a classic dish you'll love!

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