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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer Day 33

There aren't many exercises in this total-body workout, but I promise that you'll be challenged and feel great after you're done!

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Some of the exercises in this workout may be difficult for you to perform. For example, if you've never done a single-leg squat before, then don't hesitate to place your hand on something to help you balance.

This workout is meant to train your entire body as a unit. It's also meant to train your core stability. Your abdominals may still feel a little weak, and that's OK. Do the best you can.

Total-body workout

Day 33 Sample meal plan

Grilled chicken fajitas
Daily Total
Amount per serving
Calories 1,594
Total Fat 44g
Total Carbs 146g
Protein 163g

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