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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer Day 27

Working out with your baby is a great way to model healthy behavior. See if you can engage your little one while you're moving.

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Today, you can choose your own adventure. If it's nice outside, put your baby in a stroller and do an outdoor workout. If you'd rather stay indoors, grab your baby sling and do option number two!

Option 1: Stroller Workout
With the stroller parked
Option 2: Baby sling or carrier workout

Performing lunges at 12 (forward lunge), 3 (side lunge) and 6 (rear lunge) o'clock

With baby on the floor

Day 27 Sample meal plan

Ezekiel English muffin pizzas: Assemble and broil for 3-5 minutes
Beef and mushroom kabobs
Daily Total
Amount per serving
Calories 1,581
Total Fat 40g
Total Carbs 175g
Protein 147g

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