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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer Day 2

Your abs will get plenty of attention during the first phase of this trainer. Clear a spot on the floor and get ready to crunch, push, and plank today!

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Phase 1 of the Post-Pregnancy Fitness Trainer is all about circuits. Keep walking as much as your schedule allows, but save 15-20 minutes somewhere in your day for this abdominal routine! It combines some movements you may have done before, like flutter kicks, with others that may be new, like the plank thrust—an ab-focused variation of the burpee. Expect to break a sweat! If you have any questions about any of the movements, click on their name to watch a video.

Ab Circuit
Complete each exercise with little to no rest in between as one giant set. Rest 1-2 minutes or as necessary between rounds. Repeat each circuit 2-3 times.

Day 2 Sample meal plan

Black bean veggie scramble
Daily Total
Amount per serving
Calories 1,519
Total Fat 34g
Total Carbs 148g
Protein 159g

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