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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer Day 18

Where there's a ball, there's a workout! Roll yours out of the corner and prepare to learn a thing or two about what can be achieved with just a slight change in stability.

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Sometimes the simplest accessories can be the ones that make all the difference. You may think you can't get a great workout without weights, but simply adding a feather-light stability ball, also known as a "Swiss ball" to an abdominal circuit like the one you'll perform today will teach you—and your abs— a thing or two.

Take your time, maintain your stability, and you'll get a great workout in no time!

Swiss Ball Abdominal Circuit

Day 18 Sample meal plan

Spaghetti squash turkey spaghetti
Daily Total
Amount per serving
Calories 1,542
Total Fat 40g
Total Carbs 137g
Protein 166g

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