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Jamie Eason's 12-Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer Day 17

I swear by this workout, which I cooked up out of necessity in the weeks following my son's birth. Add it to your toolbox and get ready to sweat!

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Today it's time for another meeting with my Anytime, Anywhere, 15-minute Workout. Remember how it felt last week, and what your time to complete it was? See if you can make it feel more comfortable, and maybe shave a few seconds off.

Just remember, you'll be doing this workout a lot in the next few weeks—including as cardio in Phase 2, if you want. So get comfortable with the movements and push yourself slightly more today!

Jamie Eason's Anytime, Anywhere, 15-Minute Workout
Time how long it takes you to complete the workout. Work up to 15 minutes or less. Once that gets easy, use a medicine ball to increase the intensity. Perform each exercise in succession with little to no rest between exercises.

Day 17 Sample meal plan

Grilled fish tacos
Daily Total
Amount per serving
Calories 1,506
Total Fat 46g
Total Carbs 130g
Protein 148g

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