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Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12-Week Trainer: Tips & Techniques

No matter which phase you're in, or if you've finished the program, these pointers will help you succeed over the long term.

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My 12-week trainer consists of three 4-week phases that are loaded with tons of useful insights that will help you transform your body in record time. But, you can never have too much information, right?

In this special episode, I provide you with four additional tips and techniques that didn't make it into the three phases. These pointers are extremely important, and will help you become more dedicated and consistent during your fitness quest!

LiveFit Tips & Techniques
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1 Keep A Training Journal

Documenting all of your sets, reps and weights in a training journal will allow you to track your progress and stay more accountable regarding your goals.

2 Find A Workout Partner

A committed workout partner can help create accountability. Your partner can help keep your workouts on track, and a little friendly competition will provide some extra energy and motivation!

3 Visualize Your Goal

Visualizing the body you want to have is a great motivation—not to mention a reminder of exactly what you're trying to achieve while working toward your goal.

4 Add Variety To Workouts

Changing up your reps, sets, weights and rest periods are all great ways to add variety to your workout routine in an attempt to rise above stubborn plateaus that restrict your progress.

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