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Jamie Eason Becomes 'Most Inspirational' BodySpace Member!

30 big reasons why she is No. 1 – straight from the mouths of community members.

Yes, the world's Fittest Model is now officially BodySpace's ultimate inspiration! is honored and excited to congratulate Jamie Eason on being named the Most Inspirational member in BodySpace history!

What BodySpace members say about Jamie speaks volumes. She's adored and admired for her incredible physique, respected for her take on training and nutrition, and prized for her willingness to help others transform their lives.

One thing is clear: there are a lot of reasons to love Jamie. In their own words, here are a few of our community's favorites:

BodySpace Members

1. BrooksKC

Jamie's inspiration speaks for itself. She's a truly remarkable woman on the outside and inside. I rarely see women of such high class and intelligence with such grace and a cheerful positive attitude. It's always a pleasure seeing her face around. I wish there were more Jamies in the world! - BrooksKC

2. P-DUB

She brings class to the fitness industry! She has overcome a lot and is a great inspiration to men and women! - P-DUB

3. StrawberryDawn

I have been always trying to eat healthy and work out hard, and I realized you have to have patience and be strict. Jamie has shown me and I am sure others that it is not easy, but worth the fight. She has great advice, tips and recipes. I send her message frequently and she helps me with any matter. I love her so much. Her drive and life struggles make me realize you can create who you want to be and not what people want you to be. - StrawberryDawn

4. Aubrie

Jamie is the nicest person; she's so sweet and is so willing to help anyone! - Aubrie

5. mscourtney

Jamie is absolutely gorgeous and has one of the best-sculpted female bodies in the industry. She takes her training seriously and conditions her body to look amazing. She is definitely one of my biggest inspirations! - mscourtney

6. metalheadmomma

Jamie inspires me because she seems like such a genuine, approachable person. Something about her just seems so real and true that it makes her fitness level seem attainable! - metalheadmomma

Picture Perfect: Jamie's smile brought the sun from behind the clouds.

7. camiek22

Jamie is inspiring because she is able to still be a strong Christian woman in the midst of a world where sex sells. As a model, she portrays her body as an art form, not a sex symbol. I like that she has morals and I can tell she is a genuine person that cares about other people. She is a hard worker, and has an excellent handle on nutrition. Her body reminds me why nutrition is so important. - camiek22

8. Figuregurlally

She always looks good (healthy, happy, fit and beautiful). The epitome of what I aspire to be. - Figuregurlally

9. bowtwanger

Jamie is a hard worker and does not stop - she has the ultimate dedication! She has been very successful and has always been a sweetheart - the success has not gone to her head. Jamie, you are an inspiration! - bowtwanger

10. kjd27

Jaime has the total package - a great figure, a strong desire to succeed, and a down-to-earth personality. The first time I saw her on the cover of Oxygen, I immediately knew that I wanted to be a figure competitor. Thanks Jamie! - kjd27

11. GBLynden

She is an example of female perfection. - GBLynden

12. GeminiJedi

Jamie first inspired me to get fit, and when I had the honor of meeting her it really solidified my goal to compete. She's such a wonderful, beautiful person! - GeminiJedi

13. trixter747

Met her in person and was impressed with her genuine heart and love for the people in the fitness industry. She's a great role model. - trixter747

The world's Fittest Model is the ultimate role model.

14. PORFI86

Jaime Eason is probably the hottest fitness model I have ever seen, and after reading her story I admire her even more. Thanks Jaime! - PORFI86

15. Hville

Perfection achieved through hard work and dedication. - Hville

16. Alioup

Every woman wants this body! She inspired me to start lifting because it was then I realized muscles on women are sexy! - Alioup

17. Misslyn89

Jamie has been an inspiration to me for years, she's the reason I got my first gym pass!! - Misslyn89

18. i_fit

She is one of the most gorgeous, fit females to have ever walked the planet! - i_fit

19. dixiegirl0790

She's just so naturally beautiful and has a great physique. I want to look like her one day and be a fitness model, too! - dixiegirl0790

20. rosebling

Jamie has been a long inspiration to me - today and throughout my entire fitness experience. I've been through so many ups and downs, but her beauty, will, fitness achievements and consistency inspires me. - rosebling

21. bondgirl_1245

J.E. inspires me because she has pulled through personal health issues and surpassed her own goals. Her physique is amazing and her smile is contagious. She represents fit women very well and of course … SHE'S FROM TEXAS! - bondgirl_1245

22. Elorabird

She seems genuine, real and willing to share the secrets of her success with others. I love the sweet attitude that comes through in her contributing articles in Oxygen Magazine. She's the type of lady I'd like to hang out with. She is on my vision board! - Elorabird

23. BabyGHQ

Jamie inspires me because she has embraced the beauty of curves in woman and promotes a new ideal all women can look up to. - BabyGHQ

24. Loperdk

Her positive outlook on life in incredible. She is a testament on what a cancer survivor can truly accomplish. - Loperdk

When you're up against the wall, you can bet that Jamie's got your back.

25. army_wife

Muscular, but still feminine. The Perfect combo! - army_wife

26. jsfrance

I love that Jamie has found a way to look rock hard and still maintain an excellent level of femininity. She makes me want to be better. - jsfrance

27. bfit828

She is smart, strong and feminine. She is doing a great job at encouraging females to work out ... and still look/feel like women! - bfit828

28. Dvrger

Jamie inspires me because her body is just perfect. Knowing someone can do that motivates me not only to work on my own body, but to help the people who have low motivation for themselves ... everyone deserves a better and healthier life. - Dvrger

29. luv2fly

She is gorgeous of course on the outside, but she seems like a total sweetheart on the inside- which counts the most! - luv2fly

30. tberry91

Awesome person. Awesome body. Awesome heart. Awesome spirit. Enough said. - tberry91