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James Grage's Rewired 9-Week Fitness Trainer - Day 21, Active Recovery

Two consecutive rest days may seem like a luxury, but your fitness lifestyle doesn't end the minute you step outside the gym. It includes rest!

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One thing that coming back from a life-threatening car crash taught James Grage is that the body needs time and space to heal from intense physical training, the same way it heals from injuries. He still trains hard and does what is necessary to break down muscle tissue, but he also devotes time to recovery essentials like stretching, sleep, and nutrition.

"Progress is all in the recovery," Grage says. "If I can't recover from it, it's pointless."

Today is another active rest day in the Rewired Trainer, but that can mean whatever you need it to mean right now. Make up a workout if you've missed one, or just go for a walk, foam roll, or engage in mobility work. If you need, take a complete rest day.

Most importantly, take some time to regroup mentally and check in with yourself about how this trainer is going for you. Have you been tracking your progress over the last week on BodySpace or in a workout log? Do you need to revisit your personality test video for a reminder of what you're working for over these nine weeks? Rewired is a mental trainer first and foremost, so do what's necessary to get in the mindset to complete another five straight days of hard work in the gym!

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