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Jake Wilson's Project Mass: Superset Training

Supersets are a very simple but incredibly effective training technique. You'll use them frequently in Project Mass, so check out this primer before putting the technique into practice!

Supersets are a great way to increase the lactate and metabolic stress of your working muscles. They're very effective and, thankfully, very simple. To do a superset correctly, simply perform one exercise after another without resting between exercises. After you've finished each exercise, you've completed one superset!

This advanced training technique is utilized often throughout Project Mass, so make sure you understand this method before you begin doing it.

Project Mass Trainer Supersets
Watch The Video - 1:51

In the video, you'll notice that Lawrence does seated military presses, which really hammer the front deltoid head. He supersets that exercise with lateral raises, which work the middle delts. Putting these two exercises together will build a symmetrical and fully developed deltoid complex.

Giant-Sized Gains

Throughout Project Mass, you'll not only do supersets, you'll also do giant sets. Giant sets are very similar to supersets in that you'll do different exercises back-to-back, without rest. However, giant sets are built with three or more exercises, whereas supersets only contain two exercises. Giant sets will add even more intensity to your workouts!

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