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Jake Wilson's Project Mass: Strip Sets And Dropsets

Strip sets, also known as dropsets, are an effective technique you can add to your hypertrophy workouts for extra muscle stimulus and growth! Here's how to do them properly.

On any given hypertrophy training day, you might perform something like 8-12 reps per set. Doing exercises in this rep range will build up a lot of blood lactate in your muscles, which is a good thing for growth. However, when you do straight sets, you get to rest between them. That rest means your muscles have time to recover and clear some of the accumulated lactate.

Lactate is extremely important for muscle growth. In fact, if you take a muscle cell and bathe it in lactate, it will grow! That's why you want your muscles to accumulate as much lactate as possible, and that's where strip sets are extremely effective.

Strip sets, which are also called dropsets, extend a traditional set and eliminate the rest period so you build up more blood lactate, cause more metabolic stress, and recruit more of your larger muscle fibers. All of this translates into more growth!

Project Mass Trainer Strip Sets
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To perform a strip set, crank out the prescribed number of reps on a given exercise. At the end of your last set of that exercise, strip some weight, and then rep to failure. Once you hit failure, drop the weight again, then go to failure again. Perform this work with as little rest as possible. You can drop the weight once, twice, or even more to extend your set.

If you couldn't already tell, strip sets should be really difficult. To put it in perspective, a strip set can increase the amount of lactate in your blood four times more than a regular set would! That much lactate in your muscles triggers an enormous amount of growth.

Watch out for strip sets on the daily workout pages of Project Mass, where you'll find more details about which specific exercises call for this killer technique.

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