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Dymatize Project Mass Trainer: Cycle 2, Microcycle 1, Day 33

Want big legs? Then you need to build strong legs. It's time to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to spur new muscle and strength gains!

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Welcome to Mesocycle 2 (Cycle 2) of Project Mass. It's time to up the ante and kick your growth into high gear! From here, each microcycle will get progressively more difficult. You can expect the next four microcycles to be even harder than the previous four. But don't worry; you'll support your tough workouts with some extra calories. In general, you'll eat about 100 more calories per day than you did throughout Mesocycle 1.

One major variation between Cycles 1 and 2 is exercise selection. Some of the lifts you'll be doing in this cycle may be unfamiliar to you. If that's the case, be sure to watch the how-to video guides attached to each exercise. These new lifts will challenge your body with a new stimulus, spurring additional adaptation.

Dymatize Project Mass Mesocycle 2 Update
Watch The Video - 00:45

Workout: Leg Strength

Wide-Stance Barbell Squat

4 sets of 3 reps, rest 3 minutes between sets
Wide-Stance Barbell Squat Wide-Stance Barbell Squat


Sumo Barbell Deadlift

4 sets of 3 reps, rest 3 minutes between sets
Sumo Deadlift Sumo Deadlift


High-Stance Leg Press

4 sets of 3 reps, rest 3 minutes between sets
Leg Press Leg Press


Wide-Stance Snatch-Grip Romanian Deadlift

4 sets of 3 reps, rest 3 minutes between sets
Romanian Deadlift Romanian Deadlift

Cycle 2, Microcycle 1 Nutrition

In Cycle 2, aim to eat roughly 100 more calories per day than you did in Cycle 1. In the first microcycle, a 180-pound guy should target roughly 2,700 calories, 70 grams of fat, 300 grams of carbs, and at least 225 grams of protein in per day.

Day 33 Meal Plan

ground beef

12% fat ground beef 4 oz

whole eggs

whole eggs 3


cheddar cheese 1/4 cup


chobani greek yogurt 2 cups

Meal 2
boneless pork loin

boneless pork loin 4 oz

barbecue sauce

barbecue sauce 2 tbsp

brown rice

brown rice 1 1/2 cups


banana 1


apple 1

dymatize 100

fiber one

fiber one bar 1

Meal 3: Pre-Workout

chicken breast skinless 5 oz

rice cakes

rice cakes 5

Post-Workout Snack
dymatize 100

sports drink

sports drink (gatorade or powerade)

Meal 4
turkey burger

turkey burger 1

whole wheat bun

whole wheat bun 1


sweet potato 1


blueberries 1 cup

Daily Total
Calories 2,847
Total Fat 14 g
Total Carbs 82 g
Protein 41 g


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