- Results Of Your Entries

Your bodyweight is 91 kilograms.

Step 1 - BMR Based On Weight

For Men: 1 x 91 Kg x 24 = 2177

Step 2 - BMR With Bodyfat Percentage Calculation

Taking your bodyfat percentage into account, your adjusted BMR is 1851 calories per day. This is equal to 77 calories per hour.

Step 3 - Total Daily Calories Burned

Adding in your activity level, we times your BMR by 1.3. This means that your approximate total calories burned each day is 2406.

Step 4 - Macronutrient Breakdown In YOUR Diet

Now that we know how many total calories need to be consumed each day, where do the calories come from? Based on your BMR, Activity Level and Athletic Category you need:

Protein Grams: 80 Grams Per Day.
Protein Calories: 320 Protein Calories Per Day.

Fat Grams: 40 Grams Per Day.
Fat Calories: 361 Protein Calories Per Day.

Carbohydrate Grams: 431 Grams Per Day.
Carbohydrate Calories: 1725 Carb Calories Per Day.


  • You can find out how many grams of protein, carbs, fat and more are in your favorite foods by using our nutrient database here.

  • If you want to lose weight, you would need to take in less than your daily calories burned which is . If you want to gain weight, you would need to take in more calories. Instead of entering your current bodyweight, enter your DESIRED bodyweight into the form to get new numbers.

Use these numbers and follow the outlined diet plan shown in the article.

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