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An Interview With Jennifer Chamberlin.

Jennifer is a very sweet girl with a big heart. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and share more about her background as well as advice in promoting yourself.
I had the unique opportunity to work with Jennifer on redesigning her Web site. Since her revamped web site has gone live, the site's traffic has gone through the roof and she's able to make a little money in the process. Jennifer is a very sweet girl with a big heart. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and share more about her background as well as advice in promoting yourself.

Jennifer Chamberlin

babygirl or "J"

Where were you born:

Currently live:
Las Vegas

Any pets? If so what are their names:
Two cats, Spook & Bailey

Fitness/bikini model and I running my website

Competition history/results:
Designer Body (Maui) - 1st place (physique competition)
Designer Body (Oahu) - 1st place (physique competition)
Hawaiian Hurricane Fitness Challenge - 7th place (obstacle course & physique competition)
Miss Hawaiian Tropic - Hawaii - Finalist (bikini & evening gown)
NPC Central Valley Classic Figure Championships - 1st place
Max Muscle San Jose Figure Championships - 2nd place (Nationally Qualified)
Southern California Ironman Magazine Naturally Figure Championships - 1st place & Overall
Weider's Ms. Muscle Beach (Olympia Weekend) - 1st place (1st ever)
NPC Team Universe National Figure Championships

Currently seeking new sponsorship. Was formerly signed w/Twin Lab.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A nurse, but changed my mind. I would get too attached to my patients and if they passed away it would be too hard. I'm a softie, very emotional.

How did you get into the fitness industry?
I actually started doing bikini competitions at bars as a "circuit girl". Then I got up the courage to step on stage in my first Physique competition. It was the Designer Body show in Maui, HI in June of 2001. I took first place, it was an incredible feeling! Little did I know that competing would open up so many doors for me. It was at one of my first contests that I met photographer Rob Sims who's has to this day helped me get published all over in fitness mags.

Who inspires you in the industry?
Jenny Worth, Laurie Vaniman, Mandy Blank and Timea Marjorova.

Any advice for people thinking of competing?
Get some stage experience for sure so you have great stage presence. It's important to appear confident when you are in front of the judges. Also, go see some shows beforehand so you know what to expect. Work w/someone in the business that can help you pick a flattering suit, help you pose, and give you some good guidance. Be confident and just go out there knowing that you've done your training and dieting to a tee and you are bringing out the very best package you can. Then no matter how you score, talk to the judges after to see what you can improve upon. And at the next competition bring it back better and stronger then ever and knock 'em dead!

What is your number one goal at this time?
I want to continue on with maintaining my website and modeling for the fitness mags. Definitely want to branch out to other mags and mainstream ones as well. I'm going after supplement, clothing and fitness equipment companies for sponsorship and ad work. All in all just want to make my name/face more well known by marketing myself all over the place!

When is the next show you plant to compete in?
I've actually decided to retire from competing. I don't want to put on the muscle size that the pro's are holding. I prefer to keep my body very feminine w/only enough muscle to add some light shape and definition.

What's been the most frustrating time for you in your career?
The dieting w/out a doubt... really only the first two weeks out of four! They are the hardest challenge. Once you are past that point your body starts changing and tightening up and it's totally motivating from that point on.

What's been your best moment in your career thus far?
I really can't choose just one. Any time I've won first place, every time I'm published in mags, and every time I go to bodybuilding shows hangin' out w/the pros and wonderful people in the industry.

What's the best advice you've received since being a figure competitor?
Don't compare yourself to others, just come in looking the best you can and show them what you got!

You've been featured in a number of magazine's recently, what was your favorite photo shoot?
I have three shoots that really stick out: my torn up bodystocking, my ripped wet tee, and my latest body paint shoot... all shot by Rob Sims.

Tell us why you moved from Cali to Vegas?
Vegas in getting to be popular for the fitness/bodybuilding industry. The Olympia is held out here. There's alot of opportunity for me here and it's warm all the time. I hate to be cold!

You have a new look to your website that is pretty cool looking-how have your fans responded to the new site?
They just love it! What a huge difference remodeling your website makes. My site was so plain and now it's very interesting to look at.

How is it working w/Isaac @ Lift Studios on your web site?
Really great. Isaac is not only a wonderful designer/webmaster, he's a genuinely sweet person. Nice to work with I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fresh site design or a brand new site altogether. Since my site started my stats/traffic has increased dramatically.

    Total Hits 99,576 Oct 2002
    Total Hits 4,732,891 Aug 2003

Any advice or tips for people who have a web site and want to make money?
Market yourself all the time with banner, gallery, and link exchanges. Get yourself onto as many sites as possible.

How about if they don't have a web site , what do you suggest they do?
Go see Isaac and have him build you one, otherwise nobody will be able to contact you!

What can people expect to see from you in the next couple years?
More and more great content in my members section of my site. I'll have lots of exposure in magazines. And hope to make my name/image bigger by marketing myself correctly and exploring new avenues.

Anything else you'd like to tell people about you?
Please drop by my website at and see a sexier side of me then you do in the magazines!

Thanks Jen - I appreciate the kind words and you taking the time to answer these questions. Lift Studios worked with Jen on better organizing her content and creating an easy to use site with a member's section. Jennifer has done a tremendous job of marketing herself online and her membership has increased dramatically. Her site is proof that if your site is well designed and constantly updated, you can generate extra income and get more publicity.

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