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An Interview With Cathy Nordyke.

I had the privilege of meeting Cathy at this year's Arnold Classic in her own backyard of Columbus, Ohio. She was kind enough to answer a few questions in between her training for the Ohio State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

Cathy Nordyke is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet in the fitness industry. I had the privilege of meeting Cathy at this year's Arnold Classic in her own backyard of Columbus, Ohio. She was kind enough to answer a few questions in between her training for the Ohio State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

Cathy Nordyke

Born/Grew up in:
Columbus, Ohio

Current Residence:
Hilliard (a suburb of Columbus), Ohio

What is up with living in Ohio?
No, kidding - it sucks! Other than having the OSU football games and my family here, there's no reason to stay. I've been kicking around the idea of relocating somewhere warmer.

Current Occupation:
Full-time I'm in sales for a local staffing agency. My real love is the nutrition store my husband and I opened a year and a half ago. And of course, I also work as a model/spokesmodel part-time.

Favorite Hobby:
Working out! No, I'm serious! I don't have any other hobbies. What come on no other hobbies? Maybe after the competitions slow down. But, really - I have NO time for anything but training, eating and sleeping right now.

Did you have the big 80s bangs?
Oh yeah, baby! I was on the Jenny Jones show a couple years ago and they showed pictures of me from Jr. High and High School - SCARY! The audience definitely laughed!

I wanna see the high school pics of ya. That is hilarious! What were you on the show for?
Um, NO I cannot provide you photos for fear that you would place them on a highly visible website. Maybe someday... I was on the show for their theme "Geek to Sheik". I guess that means that in school I was a nobody and now I'm just so sheik. Ha, ha, ha!

What's in your CD player right now?
A CD that my friend Julie made for me of Christian worship songs. She gave it to me for my birthday - I LOVE it! Whenever I feel down or frustrated I listen to it, sing it out loud and I feel so much better.

What motivates you in the gym?
Hey, in this industry if you don't work hard in the gym you don't win competitions and you don't get any modeling work. That alone is motivation enough. When I'm getting ready for a competition I always pick one competitor who I know is going to be in my height class in that same show. Every time I'm tempted to slack I ask myself "Do you think slacked off during her workout today?" It really keeps me pushing!

Favorite Cheat food?
It really depends on the diet. Sometimes it's Planters Trail Mix (I know, weird!), sometimes ice-cream, almost always pizza.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
People who are friendly to me or try to be my friend just because of the way I look. It bothers me that they think I can't see through that.

Favorite Movie:
Legends of the Fall... I still cry every time I watch it

One thing people may not know about you:
I'm a geek at heart. I love to stay home on the weekends and read books. I'm definitely not a party girl and large crowds of people intimidate me even though I try not to show it.

What makes someone attractive:
I'll admit I'm attracted to an "in shape" physique. Not just for the cosmetic value but because it's a quick way to tell whether or not we'd have the same interests and whether or not he takes care of himself. However, I've met plenty of shallow guys with great physiques. After the first glance you've got to have a genuine personality to hold my interest.

Worst pickup line some one has used on you:
Let's see, what's the one you used on me, Isaac? Haha funny, Nordy. Just kidding! If I had to narrow it down to one - while working in Dallas, TX at a NASCAR event for MetRx a guy asked me if I'd lift up my shirt in trade for his warm, half empty beer! He got an earful, let me tell ya!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
As a sports reporter for ESPN, living someplace warm in a nice home with a sweet baby and a husband who adores me.

Person you¹d like to meet:
Uh, Brad Pitt. yep, definitely Brad Pitt. (Since she already met Isaac Hinds - haha kidding)

What¹s the weirdest thing a fan has asked you:
If I could send him a picture of my feet. I think any fitness competitor who reads this will laugh because that weirdo has contacted a LOT of us!

Competition History/Results:

Date: Event: Pl: Division: Location:
May 2001 Pittsburgh Fitness and Bodybuilding  2nd Fitness Pittsburgh, PA
May 2001 Pittsburgh Fitness and Bodybuilding  3rd Figure Pittsburgh, PA
April 2001 Upper Ohio Valley Championships - Overall Winner! 1st


Weirton, WV
April 2001  Upper Ohio Valley Championships  3rd Figure Weirton, WV
April, 7 2001 Ohio All Natural Bodybuilding Championship  2nd Fitness Lakewood, OH
Aug 4, 2000 NPC USA Championships 19th Fitness Las Vegas, NV
July 15, 2000 Melissa Frabielle Classic 3rd Fitness Detroit, MI
May20, 200 Mike Francois Classic 4th Fitness Columbus, OH
May 13, 2001 Powerhouse Classic 1st Fitness North Royalton, Ohio
July 2001  Debbie Kruck Classic 1st Figure Palm Beach, FL
July 2001 Debbie Kruck Classic 3rd Fitness  Palm Beach, FL
August 2001  NPC USA Fitness Championships Fitness Las Vegas, NV
August 2001 NPC USA Figure/Fitness Competition Fitness/Figure New York, NY

Career Highlight?
Signing a contract to be the host of the television show "A Beauty, A Body & A Spirit" which will air Spring of 2004.

How¹s Mike Davies as a trainer:
Tough! I distinctly remember him telling me in our very first meeting that he could teach me to pick up a weight but not to put down a fork. He has very high standards for us and those who do well are those who listen to him and follow his advice. He's the best in the industry, no doubt.

How did you get your start in fitness modeling:
It kind of came naturally after I started competing. I was never one of those lucky girls that got approached by photographers after the show. Instead I contacted the magazines, found out who the best photographers were and contacted them myself. Being able to give them a history of my competitions helped give me credibility in their eyes. With that, they seemed more interested in shooting me. As I made more friends in the industry, people began to refer me.

Advise for others trying to get into modeling:
Get an agent. I wasted so much time and money trying to do it on my own. An agent will do all the hard work for you and protect you from non-legitimate deals.

When is your next competition?
September 20th - right here in Columbus, Ohio. My trainer, Mike Davies puts it on each year - it's called the Ohio State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships. I haven't done a local show for 3 years so it should be fun!

Goals/ambitions for the future:
To continue making money in spokesmodeling as well as branching into other media forms such as television. My personal goals include having a child sometime in the next couple of years.


How has working with Met-Rx been for you?
MetRx has been fantastic - they've treated me so well. Last year I traveled with them quite a bit. It was incredible to get to visit all different states and meet thousands of people. I can't thank them enough for the opportunities.

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Thanks Cathy for your time and upbeat attitude. I know it's tough to find time while dieting for a show. Best of luck to you on Sept. 20th.

Fans can visit the Met-RX booth at the Olympia and you will see her glowing with energy and sporting her prize winning smile. If you're lucky you might even get one of those "sheik" autographs. You can see Cathy in the newest Ad campaign by for Worldwide Pure Protein, currently running in Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers.

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