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An Interview With Sheron Kestler.

Many feel Sheron Kestler will be a threat at USAs this year and by looking at her recent photos, I'd have to agree. Sheron is a perfect example of how a female bodybuilder can be beautiful, feminine, lean and defined. Take a moment to get to know Sheron.

Many feel Sheron Kestler will be a threat at USAs this year and by looking at her recent photos, I'd have to agree. Sheron is a perfect example of how a female bodybuilder can be beautiful, feminine, lean and defined. Take a moment to get to know Sheron.

Sheron Kestler Falcon

Current Residence:
Dallas, TX

Born/Grew up in:

Favorite Pastime:
There's not one single moment that stands out to me but, my favorite moments are spending time with my friends, getting to know them better and meeting new people.

Most interesting person you've met:
My husband. He never ceases to amaze me! His intelligence, witty personality and caring heart always keeps me on my feet.

What did you aspire to be when you were a wee little lass:
I always thought I would be psychiatrist. I love talking to people and helping others work through their problems. This is probably my biggest downfall, because I will go to any length to help out my friends and family.

Competition History/Results:
My first competition was the Red River in '99. I only had 8 weeks to prepare for this competition and I placed 3rd. I have competed in 6 shows since then and just qualified nationally last May at the USA's. I did compete in the Texas State Capital in '00 and placed 2nd, which qualified me for Nationals at that time. My physique wasn't anywhere close to being ready to compete at a National level, so I kept training and competing locally to help build the mature muscle I needed.

Tanning Bed or laying out by the pool:
I wish I had the time to lay out by the pool to get my tan however, with work and training, that leaves little time for anything. So, I hit the tanning bed as much as I can.

What is the most absurd thing a fan has asked you:
I don't know that you would call it a fan, but being asked about sessions is something I find unacceptable. I don't know what it is about the female bodybuilder sport that makes people think and speak of us, with such little respect.

How did you get your start in bodybuilding:
I have a lot of friends who work in the gym as trainers/management and have always worked out to some degree. One of my friends kept talking to me about how great he thought my body would react to bodybuilding and after several conversations, he finally had me talked into it.

What is your opinion on where women's bodybuilding is headed for the future:
That is a good question. I am hoping that women bodybuilders will make a comeback and will be looked at in a more feminine way. I feel that women bodybuilders are overlooked. We work out just as hard as male bodybuilders do and I'm sure we diet much harder as well. All I do know, is that I will try my best and put everything I have into making a statement as a feminine, female competitor.

What's in your CD player right now?
"JUICE" Local Dallas DJ. His CD is in every CD player/Walkman I own. Juice, Charlie Peters, is my best friend (Amy Peters) husband. Charlie makes all of my posing music and makes it possible for me to complete my cardio every morning. Charlie spins a high energy, uplifting, Dutch music. Anyone having trouble staying on that piece of cardio equipment or finding that drive to go an extra 10 - 20 minutes, should really check out his CD's. He's the best!

What motivates you in the gym?
My husband. Not too many trainers, training partners or spouse's continue to motivate, inspire and challenge you to do/give your best, every day for 12 + weeks straight, when your dieting, grouchy and irritable. My husband goes beyond the level of motivation. He is always there for me in a positive manner. Always pushing me to go those extra 5-10 reps that I need to reach my max. Never has he responded to me as I may him, when I'm on the edge.

What do you do in your spare time:
I enjoy going to clubs with my friends, listening to Juice and dancing the night away. I have the best group of friends a person could ask for. Oh, and I must say we shop very well together too!

Favorite Cheat Food:
Mexican food & Chips and Salsa.., Yummy!! And then chocolate of course.

What color were your legwarmers in the 80's?
What do you mean 80's, I still have them, they are purple, baby!

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Fake People - I am very naive about people and I usually take them for who they say they are. I am very straightforward and honest and always do what I say I'm going to do. Don't waste time being something your not.

Training advice for others:
Don't short yourself by giving less then 100%. Don't be afraid to ask questions, I've learned more from asking questions to people I have meet through the course of competing than I have from any trainer or book. Always push yourself to reach your goals. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Favorite Body part:
My favorite body part is legs. Unfortunately, mine aren't so great. I'm very impressed by seeing definition in the legs. I'm just trying to figure out how long it will take me to reach my desired look?

Worst pick up line someone has used on you?
I wish I could tell all of you the whole story here. Because the worst line that's been used on me, is someone I sought sponsorship from. "I'm looking for some good, hard abuse, do you know where I can get some?" That's one company I'll never seek again!

One thing people may not know about you:
I follow my diet. I'm pretty hard core about my diet. My diet doesn't affect me that much. I guess because I started out starving myself and did so for so long, that now my diet is cheesecake. I started out not using condiments, not eating carbs, not having my cheat meal, eating fresh meats only, nothing processed and drinking nothing but water and crystal light. I've learned now, to add some fats to my diet and not to be scared of eating my cheat meal.

What would you tell women who are thinking of getting into female bodybuilding:
Don't loose sight of the woman that you are. Keep your look and modify your physique with good clean eating, supplements and hard training.

USA's are right around the corner. What can we expect to see from you?
A beautiful, feminine, lean and defined lady looking better than you thought she may!

Web Site:

Where Can I Learn More About Sheron?
Go to her web site or click here!

Thanks Sheron for your time and sharing a little bit about yourself with everyone. I¹ll see ya in Vegas and hope to see you sporting those legwarmers. Best of luck to you!

I would like to invite everyone to visit Sheron's Web site for more photos and information on her. She's truly a class act.

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