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2005 Emerald Cup Preview!

Known as one of the top amateur shows - will be the title sponsor of the Emerald Cup. Here are some questions and answers about the event, prizes, and the possibility of a guest poser.

Known as one of the top amateur shows - will be the title sponsor of the Emerald Cup. The promoter shares some insight on the prizes and alludes to one of the sponsors bringing in a "surprise guest poser".

I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Brad and Elaine Craig over the past 2 years. You can't miss the two of them - besides Jeff Taylor and Steve Weinberger they are the two tallest promoters in the biz. Their physical height runs parallel to that of their premiere show, The Emerald Cup. This year the Craig's have added Pro Fitness to the event and from the list of competitors scheduled to compete it should be one hell of a show.

I recently spoke with Brad and asked him a few questions going into this week's event.

[ Q ] How long have you been promoting shows?

[ Q ] How long have you been promoting the Emerald Cup?

    A: This will be the twenty-third year Elaine and I have promoted the Emerald Cup.

Merry Christine & Elaine @ The 2003 Olympia.

An intro to Merry Christine...

Full video of Merry Christine...
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[ Q ] Off the top of your head who has competed at this show and gone on to turn pro?



      Dale Tomita (1st NPC Fitness Overall National Champion and 1995 Emerald Cup Champion)
      Jenifer Collins - 1997 Overall
      Melanie Webb - Overall National Champion
      Christina Homan
      Nicole Rollalazo
      Cathryn Crane
      Dina Delalana
      Brandy Maddron
      Kimberly Dolan
      Sandy Grant
      Sabrina Gibson.



      Nikki Fuller
      Shelly Beattie
      Joe Dawson
      Michal Kindred
      Owen McCurdy
      Nickoli Yasovnoski

[ Q ] What about the rumor there will be drug testing for the pro fitness?

    A: I don't know where that came from. It was probably started by another competitor or someone with too much free time on their hands.

[ Isaac: ] For the record some one with supposed "inside connections" posted on a popular message board that there would be drug testing at the Emerald Cup. Yet another feeble attempt on someone's part to flex their internet muscles.

[ Q ] What expectations do you have doing your first pro fitness show?

    A: We hope that the women competing will have a great time and that we can build on the show this year. If we are to continue hosting a pro event we have to make sure that it is financially feasible for us to do so. Russ Deluca and were great about coming on board as the Title Sponsor this year.

    I have been very impressed with and Russ with the way they are supporting the shows. Russ increased the prize money at the Ironman Pro recently so that the lower place athletes would get some money. He didn't have to do that but he did!

[ Q ] How many competitors?

  • Bodybuilders: 111
  • Figure: 110
  • Fitness: 13
  • Pro Fitness: 20

[ Q ] Anything else you'd like to share?

    A: This year's Emerald Cup promises to be a great event. We have Ronnie Coleman, Kris Dim and Mark Dugdale guest posing. MuscleTech is bringing in a surprise guest poser as well. We have a custom piece of jewelry that we are going to give to one of the Pro Fitness athletes.

    Ronnie Coleman At The 2003 Emerald Cup.

    We are going to put all of their names in a hat and have the jeweler draw a name. That way all of the girls down to last place have an equal chance to win it. We also have a mini Expo with over 75 booths, consisting of many of the top names in the industry. The Emerald Cup is a very social event and many old friends will catch up on the past year there. I am sorry that you will be unable to attend this year!

    Thanks Brad. You and Elaine are class acts and I'm sure 2005 will be another very successful event for you.

    I also spoke with one of the top Trainers in the biz, Kim Oddo. Kim has a team known as Oddo's Angels. When I asked Kim about the Emerald Cup he had this to share...

      "I am very excited about this years Emerald's Cup, as it is truly a quality show for all competitors nationwide. Brad and Elaine have done an awesome job of catering to the competitors and everyone I have spoken with is very excited to see the line up of talent that will be there. We have 14 Angel's going and I know this will truly be an exciting experience for them and all are looking forward to sharing in the weekend of fun."

An Interview With Top Trainer & Nutritionist Kim Oddo!
Kim Oddo shares how he got started in the industry and tips on choosing a trainer that's right for you. He is currently working with super star Monica Brant on her upcoming Arnold Classic figure competition.
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Sneak Preview Of Competitors...

Rebecca Slatt

    Name: Rebecca Lynn Slatt

    Height: 5'6"

    Representing from the great state of: Idaho and South Dakota (my home-state)

    Goal for the show: My main focus is to learn a lot, especially regarding individual stage presentation! I would love to place in the top 5; however, it is my first real show. My main focus is to gain experience so I can compete at a high level in the future. And of course, I want to have a lot of fun.

    Best feature on the body is: ABS

    Suits by: CJ-Unique Physiques ( - she is the BEST!

    Best part of competing at the Emerald Cup (if applicable): I really enjoy meeting new people and other competitors and gaining experience/knowledge.

Are you competing at the 2005 Emerald Cup and would like to profiled? E-mail Will @ for more info.

    More Information:

    2005 IFBB Pro Fitness Championships And
    Emerald Cup Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure
    April 29-30, 2005
    Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA

    For More Information:
    Craig Productions
    P.O. Box 803
    Kirkland, WA 98083-0803
    (425) 481-6582