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An Interview With IFBB Pro Liane Seiwald.

Liane Seiwald is an IFBB Pro currently living in Colorado. Due to an injury she is currently competing as an IFBB Figure competitor. Find out what she up to and what is next for her!

Liane Seiwald is an IFBB Pro currently living in Colorado. Yes, yet another Colorado Pro. Liane earned her pro card last year in the short division of fitness. Due to an injury she is currently competing as an IFBB Figure competitor. I met Liane about a year ago and see her at all the local NPC shows ( Recently, I've joined her and a few of her divas every Sunday morning at Red Rocks for her Fitness Booty Camp.

This is one insane workout in the mountains of Colorado, yet the most refreshing I've ever done. Liane may be Colorado's newest IFBB pro, but she has the knowledge and discipline of a veteran. Drill Sergeant Diesel, as I like to call her, was kind enough to answer a few questions and share a few photos. Enjoy.

Liane Marie Seiwald

(Newly revised) Diesel

Where were you born:
Utica, New York

Currently Resides:
In the Foothills outside of Denver, CO

Any Pets:
Fred and Joe (chocolate lab and black lab) (Brats)

Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant

What did you want to be when you were growing up:

Who inspires you in the industry:
If I had to pick one, Adela Freidmansky-she's always been so nice to talk to, I admire her physique and her routines (mainly because she works so hard for it) I appreciate Kelly Ryan, Jen Hendershott, Susie Curry and Mary Yockey-Rust for there awesome abilities.

What's it like being an IFBB Pro and how hard is it to get there?
(Its still sinking in) Very lucky and very honored. First it was completely unexpected (my first fitness show ever) yet it was the hardest I have ever worked for.

Any advice for woman trying to get their pro card?
Try your best and the pro card is the icing on the cake!

How's your injury doing?
Much better, but its still healing.

What's your number one goal at this time?
To be a top contender in the IFBB. And heal my injury!

Recently competed at Pittsburgh Pro, How was that experience?
Very exciting. It was so much fun being back stage with the veterans and new girls! I don't believe I have ever been that nervous before a show!

You also competed in the Night of Champions in the Figure division. How was that show?
NOC was very fun and so was the pizza, Wasn't disappointed in my placement, but I don't understand why when I came in best shape so far and did what judges told me to do from the Pits show and I ended up with lower scores?!?! Oh well at least MY ass is cute! he he he

What's the most frustrating time in fitness career thus far?
3 -4 years ago before I was diagnosed with a hormone disorder. For years I was dealing with utter exhaustion constantly with no explanation why. Exercise and Diet were not working. It effected every part of my life. I believe if I wasn't as in tune with my body or had the fitness background, I would have not pursued finding the root of the problem.

What has been the best moment in your fitness career thus far?
It's a toss up between winning the Co Natural BodyBuilding Title in 1998 and getting my pro card at Nationals 2002

What's the best advise you've received since being a fitness competitor?
Believe in yourself.

Web address? (under reconstruction)

Why aren't you working with Isaac on your Web site?
Not a fair question... he he...

What can people expect to see from you in the next couple of years?
Nothing less than my best.

Liane's Web site will be up and going shortly. She is available to help fitness, figure and bodybuilder's achieve their goals in the health and fitness. I'd recommend anyone working with Liane, she's honest, sincere and inspiring. Liane is also a model for J Anthony Wear ( You can contact Liane through her Web site and be sure to mention you read about her on

More Pics Of Liane Seiwald

NOTE: Photographs courtesy of David Barwin - MCE Digital Studios.