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An Interview With IFBB Pro Marcy Porter.

Small town girl Marcy Porter hits the big time by turning pro. Take a gander at what the lass has to say about turning pro, finding a web designer and much much more...

Small town girl Marcy Porter hits the big time by turning pro. Take a gander at what the lass has to say about turning pro, finding a web designer and much much more...

[ Q ] Name:

    Marcy Ann Porter

[ Q ] Born/raised in:

    Georgetown, MA (a little town NO one has heard of!)

[ Q ] You're currently back in MA for a bit, how do you like being back?

    Well I like being here because I am getting some nice R&R time, but its also driving me a little nuts! I went to the health food store and they closed at 11:30 am… they only opened for an hour!

    At the gym everyone stares at me and thinks I am a "bodybuilder". Things here defiantly are not the same as Florida !

[ Q ] Miss Florida? You didn't get hit by wild hurricane Chucky did you?

    I miss Florida a lot! I know I will always end up there, I love the warm weather and there is so much to do there... Yes I was there for Chucky... I left the day after. My apartment did not get hit but everything around me did. The day after the storm… no businesses were open other then a grocery store and Burger King, There was no gas left… and many people have lost power for days, even weeks! I was lucky to have power… I would die without my computer!

[ Q ] How did a wee lass like you find her way down the coast to FL in the first place?

    A wee lass... yeah? Well I think it was one winter in high school I woke up and had to clean snow of my car again... and I thought "Enough is Enough " I knew I wanted to be some where warm and looked into going to school in Florida.

    People thought I was crazy and thought I would come back right away. They were wrong... other then a few months spent here the past few years, I consider Florida my home.

[ Q ] The biggest news in your life has to be turning pro in figure, right?

    What kind of question is that? Of course!

[ Q ] How does it feel to have the title IFBB Figure Pro?

    It feels great, knowing I set a goal for myself and achieved it. I also feel very honored to be a pro and to be a part of the IFBB. I have always looked up to the IFBB athletes and to be on stage with these amazing athletes is incredible.

[ Q ] You've come a long way since your first show. I remember seeing you at the Ironman Figure back in Feb. and knew it was a matter of time before you turned pro. Now that we've established I can predict the future, let's move on. He, he...

    Thanks Isaac… you are the master fortune teller… maybe you should add that to your list of services. I was very excited after the Ironman, I tried to use that momentum the rest of the year.

[ Q ] You started '04 out with a strong showing at the Ironman, then proved your were the real deal finishing second only to Tara Scotti (who turned pro at that show) at Jr. USAs. Jr. Nationals you slipped a bit – what happened that you didn't come in as tight for that show?

    Coming into Jrs., I was nervous and putting a lot of pressure on myself. See at the Jr.Usa's I didn't know what to expect so I was shocked on how well I did! I think it was then I realized that getting my pro card was something I could make a reality.

    For the Jr. Nationals, I was trying to duplicate my look from Jr.USA but I think I just over did things. I was over dieted, depleted and I took way to much water out of my body resulting in a very skinny flat look!

    After looking at the pictures I knew I never wanted to let that happen again and I was determined to make a come back for Figure Nationals.

[ Q ] Well you obviously learned your lesson and focused cause you won the Figure C Class and turned pro at Figure Nationals. How did it feel when they announced your name as the first call out in prejudging?

    Well it was great to be in the first call out but when they put me in middle I was elated ! This is moment a competitor dreams about . I couldn't help but smile knowing I might just have my pro card by the end of the day.

[ Q ] Now that a month has passed, have you thought about what show will be your pro debut?

    I believe it will be the Pittsburgh Pro Figure. I would love to do the Arnold but with being a rookie and so many beautiful pro figure girls I might have to wait my turn.

[ Q ] Chris Eaddy helped you with your contest prep, how has it been working with Chris?

    Working with Chris has been great we have a special bond and have been working together for two years now and we have learned what works best for my body. He has a real good eye, loves this sport and knows his stuff! Without his help I don't know where I'd be.

[ Q ] You're being courted by a few sponsors, have you made any decisions yet?

    No I have decided anything yet, I am trying to think what's best for me and my career.

[ Q ] So we might being seeing you at the Olympia working?

    Maybe… it will be a surprise.

[ Q ] You went with Lift Studios to design your web site? Are you glad that you did?

    I very glad I went with Lift Studios, his work speaks for itself. My site suits my personality and I like that. Isaac of Lift Studios likes what he does and it shows in his work. He takes his time and is very professional but personable.

[ Q ] Any advice for people thinking of having a web site professionally done?

    Look into all your options. Make sure your webmaster understands what you want your site to look like and what you expect. Also check out the other sites done by the webmaster, contact them and ask if they are happy with there services, many times I have heard horror stories of girls getting ripped off and unhappy with there website.

[ Q ] Safe to say it is worth the wait to go with Lift Studios?

    Good things some to those who wait !

[ Q ] Where can people go to see your new site?

[ Q ] Who's your daddy? Haha just kidding, man I kill me.

See what happened when you spend too much time in front of the computer !

Rumor has it there are some smoking hot new photos in your member's section that no one else has seen, any truth?

    Yes I have some new photos on the way !

[ Q ] Did you enjoy shooting with J.M. Manion and Brian Moss?

    I loved shooting with JM and Brian. JM is great guy… very laid back and easy going going to shoot with. Brian is very creative and artistic guy. I would defiantly love to work with the both of them again.

[ Q ] Best advice you've received so far since being in the fitness industry?

    "Stay real and true to yourself "I think so many people get caught up on being something there not. I just want to be myself, have fun and make some friends !

[ Q ] What is your biggest pet peeve in general?

    I hate it when people bring large suitcases on airplanes… and block my way! Oh and I don't like fake people!

[ Q ] What can people expect to see when you step on stage for your next show?

    Well they can expect improvements! I believe there is always room for improvement especially when I am going to step on the stage with pros. I want to work on my delts, tighten my obliques and more add more sweep to my quads this helping to enhance my X frame.

[ Q ] You're a lil shy at first, but once you get to know you – you're pretty damn funny. What else might people not know about Marcy Porter

    I am a huge caffeine addict! Don't even try to make me quit! This is my one vice… let me have it!

[ Q ] Any words of advice for the women hoping to turn pro in Figure?

    Well I think first of all you have to really love this sport I think sometimes people expect something out of the it but in reality it should be what can you give to the sport.

    Being passionate about what you do will always be rewarding and make all the hard work worth while. I would also say train hard and smart nothing comes without hard work. Also remember the total package counts, meaning your stage presentation, hair and make up, suits and shoes and of course your attitude! Always stay positive and enjoy the moment !!

[ Q ] Oh yeah last thing – what the hell is up with a girl from MA eating grits? He, he.

    Ha ha… Florida turned me into a Southerner!

Thanks Marcy! Best of luck to you in your pro debut and your off-season training. We've only just begun to see what this small town girl can do...

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