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An Interview With Stacey Marie Kisting.

Stasha shares the skinny on what the heck has her in Iowa and how she finds time to compete in NPC Figure. Those in attendance at the Arnold Classic saw her radiant smile at the Twinlab booth. Take a couple minutes and get to know a lil' more about...

Stasha shares the skinny on what the heck has her in Iowa and how she finds time to compete in NPC Figure. Those in attendance at the Arnold Classic saw her radiant smile at the Twinlab booth. Take a couple minutes and get to know a lil' more about Stacey.

[ Q ] Name:

    Stacey Marie Kisting.

[ Q ] Nickname (if applicable):


[ Q ] Born in:

    Milwaukee, WI, grew up in Nashua, NH.

[ Q ] Currently residing in:

    Davenport, IA.

[ Q ] Of all places why Davenport, Iowa?

    Trust me, if there was a better chiropractic college somewhere else I would have gone there, but I didn't choose Palmer based on location, it was strictly on reputation. I had to make a few sacrifices. I actually had to choose between this college and ending a 4 year relationship. Long distance relationships just don't work.

[ Q ] Why Palmer Chiropractic College over others?

    Palmer is where chiropractic began and there is so much history here. My chiropractor went to Palmer and he inspired me to want to per sue chiropractic, so I choose Palmer.

[ Q ] Enjoying classes and the life in the Midwest?

    It's tough trying to juggle a full-time school schedule, working, and competing. It has been quite a challenge. I really do not enjoy living in Iowa, but I make the best of it. I have made some great friends here at school and I would not trade them for anything.

[ Q ] What was the biggest change from where you grew up to living in Iowa?

    It's the first time I was completely on my own. I moved here not knowing a soul, but it has been a life changing experience that has allowed me to grow and learn so much.

[ Q ] How's it been working as the strength and conditioning coach at the school?

    I really enjoy working with people who have enthusiasm about training. It's a great learning and bonding experience. The men's rugby and hockey team has been around for generations.

    Just last fall a group of girls decided that it would be so much fun to have a women's team as well, so a we started a team and are just beginning our second season.

[ Q ] You recently competed in NYC at the Figure Nationals, what did you think of it?

    I was really surprised. There seems to be a large transition of girls with fitness and bodybuilding backgrounds starting to do figure, so many of the girls were a lot bigger than I expected.

    I would have liked to have done better, but I am always looking to improve myself. It was great to be in my element. Very few people here at school (except my trainer) really understand what I do.

[ Q ] What was your favorite part of competing at a bigger show?

    Biggest lesson learned from your last show... Like I said, I am always trying to better myself so I focus on the girls whose strong points are my weak points and try my hardest to improve for my next show.

[ Q ] When is your next show:

    I am taking a break for the at least a few months. I have some injuries that I need to let heal. I also need to find a new workout partner/trainer which may take some time.

[ Q ] Enjoy working with Twinlab at the Arnold Classic?

    I LOVED working with Twinlab. Everyone that I worked with was so nice. That was the best job and time I have had working so far and it didn't even feel like work because it was so much fun.

[ Q ] What did you find the most entertaining about working a booth?

    We had some great outfits, so it was really fun watching people's expressions. It was fun taking pictures; you kinda feel like a movie star.

[ Q ] Can all the Ms. Kisting fans expect to see you working at a booth again?

    I hope so. I would love to work with Twinlab again, they are a great company to work for.

[ Q ] How did you get into competing in the NPC?

    My first thought about competing was last year when I did a well ness challenge here at school. At the end of the challenge, I sent in some pictures to a few magazines and ended up in Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness.

    Just seeing the progress I made fired me up to want to do something more, so I entered my first competition last October. I had so much fun that I just kept at it.

[ Q ] Advice for women out there who are thinking about doing a show but unsure about taking the step on stage:

    You'll never know if you don't give it a shot. Work closely with others who compete to get a good understanding of what to do and expect. I had never even heard of figure competing until last year, but with the help of a good friend who is very knowledgable, I learned so much. Without his help I would not have made it to Team U.

[ Q ] Mentor or person you admire in the sport of fitness/figure?

    I admire all the athletes that train hard and keep a positive attitude. Good sportsmanship is the best quality you can have in this industry.

[ Q ] Favorite place to be on a Sunday afternoon?

    My favorite thing to do is to have a nice Jazz brunch outside with good company. Unfortunately, there isn't too many places like that here in the Quad Cities.

[ Q ] Funniest pick up line ever used on ya?

    The worst is when they ask for a smoke or a light? Do I look like I smoke??

[ Q ] Biggest pet peeve:

    Ignorance and rudness.

[ Q ] Web site:

Good luck in your future competitions and have fun hangin in Iowa. I grew up in South Dakota so I can relate to the atmosphere. : )

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