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An Interview With Marcy Ann Porter!

Marcy Porter shares with a little about herself. Marcy is a wonderful woman with huge potential. She recently won the medium class in the Ironman NPC Figure. Having been at the event I can assure you this was one tough class.
Marcy Porter shares with a little about herself. Marcy is a wonderful woman with huge potential.

She recently won the medium class in the Ironman NPC Figure. Having been at the event I can assure you this was one tough class and to win it says a great deal. Enjoy...

Marcy Ann Porter

Born/Grew up in:
Georgetown, MA ( a small suburban town north of Boston )

Current Residence:
Orlando, FL

How's the competition in Florida compared to other states you've competed In?
Well other then the Team Universe, before the Ironman I had only competed in Florida. Florida compares close to California in competition but the publicity isn't there. I think the toughest competition is defiantly at the National Level shows because you have the best of the best from all regions.

Looking back on your first competition what do you think you did right and what have you learned since those days?
I am not sure if I did anything right! I was so nervous, I could not walk in heels, and I could not pose! But I had fun and I was determined to work hard and improve.

I was lucky because before the next contest year I met my current trainer Chris Eaddy and with his help I have been improving ever since.

Congratulations on winning the Ironman Pro Figure medium class. How was the experience of competing in Cali amongst many great competitors?
I loved being in Cali! It was my first time out there and was great to be in the Mecca of bodybuilding.

At first I was intimidated with some of the competitors - I mean I have seen these girls pictures everywhere and here I am about to step on stage with them! But they where great athletes and were friendly.

Did you feel you placed where you should have and what advice did the judges give you?
I am very happing with my placing! I was having a good day and definitely was on. The day was a blur and I wish I had a chance to talk to the judges. I would be interested in what deciding factors went into the decision for the overall and what I could improve upon. Either way I always sit down with my trainer after look at the pictures and assess what we saw and what I can improve upon.

How long did you diet for the show?
I dieted about 7 and half weeks I had stayed lean through the holidays that allowed me to start my official diet later.

Did you do anything different in prep for the Ironman then in previous shows?
I stayed leaner in the off season while still working to put some more muscle on. My diet was based on how I looked that day, I didn't want to come in to skinny and depleted, so there were times I increased my carbs and downed my cardio. I wanted to come in looking lean with nice full muscle bellies and nice lines.

What will you do in your prep for Jr. USAs?
I will stick mostly to the same concept. I am going to take a little down time but stay in shape. I always do cardio and keep my weight training consistent. We might do a few minor adjustments the week of the show.

What is the hardest thing to keep from eating while dieting?
I really like cheesecake but I wouldn't say it's hard to stay away from. When I am dieting I always keep focused on the end result and that in itself is worth more then the temptations.

How many times did you cheat? : )
Well is it cheating if my trainer tells me to? Sometimes in my diet we will put in a cheat meal to shock my body.

What do you do when you're not training for fun?
Most of my activities are layed back since most of my time is spent training and staying healthy. I love to read books about crime and the law. I also like to go the movies and out to eat when I can.

Many women feel that the figure women are getting to muscular - what's your thoughts?
In figure there are a variety of body styles and there is also a variety of opinions. Depending on each person's physique different degrees of muscle can look good or bad. A blocky muscular physique does not look good as shapely muscular women.

Any advice for women considering doing a show?
Find someone who has experience getting girls ready for shows and follow what they tell you! Also get yourself focused and make sure it is something you want to do. Competing isn't for everyone it's hard but also very fun and rewarding.

What's been the best part of competing for you thus far?
Meeting people who are also interested in health and fitness and are dedicated to competing and improving their physique. Sometimes I feel like I am a fitness freak - then I go to show and there are tons of us freaks!

Goals for the upcoming season?
I want to place at least top 5 at a national level show then I will take it from there.

What kinda music gets ya move'n?
I love a variety pop, hip-hop, rock... anything with a good beat or good lyrics.

Do you currently train with anyone? I train with Chris Eaddy of Orlando Florida, who is also now my boyfriend. He is a great trainer he also helped Isabelle Turner the overall winner of the women's bodybuilding of the Excalibur. He also has trained a lot great competitors here in Florida.

Nothing yet... Any offers?

Web site?

Anything you'd share with those reading this?
I really couldn't of done any of this with out Chris. He is my number one supporter. Also Stacy Hylton IFBB fitness pro is an awesome competitor and a great person and has helped me out a lot!

Thanks Marcy! Best of luck to you in your future competitions. I appreciate you taking the time to share more about yourself.

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